Chinese Styled Steamed Fish Recipe

First and foremost, a very Happy Chinese New Year to all my lovely readers who are celebrating this wonderful festive season. I have just gotten back from my 1-month trip back to my hometown in Sarawak, Malaysia and it was my first Chinese New Year back in Malaysia in 8 years. It was great to be part of the crazy festivities again. Lots and lots of fireworks, very noisy, plenty of great food, catching up with all the family members and friends I have not seen in a long time, also got plenty of sleep while I was there, thanks to the grandparents always happy to look after their grandson so I can sleep in.

Although it was great to be back in Malaysia, I am also happy to finally be back in Melbourne. There is no place like home. My mum came back here with me, and she is staying for a month, so lucky me I get help around the house for yet another month! Woohoo!!

We celebrate Chinese New Year for a total of 15 days, so right now we are still celebrating! Last night, we went to a CNY Potluck Gathering Dinner at a friend’s place and mum and I cooked up this dish which I am about to share the recipe for, as well as the Fried Meehoon dish.

I love steamed fish. It is so easy to prepare and cook, and it takes less than half an hour, and it is so delicious and healthy. You can use this recipe to steam any white fleshed fresh fish you like – but for this particular recipe I have used a whole Snapper. Alternatively, you may use the Tilapia, or Barramundi, or Trout, or my personal favorite “Patin” but unfortunately you can only source Patin fish from South East Asian countries eg Malaysia and Indonesia, as they are mostly bred in fish ponds / farms.

A photo of Steamed Patin Fish I had while I was back in Malaysia, sorry for the lower quality photo taken with my phone. This was obviously only half a fish as it is quite large! Love Patin fish, as it is very juicy and tender and the fatty bits just makes the fish very flavoursome! Too bad they don’t sell it here in Australia… 😦
One whole Snapper fish
1-inch cubed ginger, julienned
4 Shitake mushrooms, soaked and sliced
2 tbsp Kacang Kuning Manis (Sweet Yellow Beans)
2 tbsp fish sauce
Coriander leaves to garnish
Place fish in a steaming dish and drizzle fish sauce all over it.
Evenly spread the Kacang Kuning Manis onto the fish and sprinkle over the mushroom and ginger slices.
Steam for approximately 15 minutes on high heat, then turn off the gas and let it continue to cook in steamer for another 10 minutes.
Serve immediately, garnish with coriander leaves and serve with plain white rice and other dishes.

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