Indonesian Lamb Rendang Curry (Gulai)

Oh winter is nearly here and the weather is getting cooler and cooler, perfect opportunity to start cooking curries again! I am a huge fan of using lamb in my curries, especially pre-boiled to basically make the meat so soft it melts in your mouth. I’m sure if my 5 month old baby would eat curry, even he would be able to chew on this meat using his toothless gums, lol. This is not your typical Rendang Curry and it’s not the most authentic, but it sure is an easy recipe anyone can make! Rendang curries are generally dryer and … Continue reading Indonesian Lamb Rendang Curry (Gulai)

Grilled Lamb in a Hot / Cold Salad and Lunch Wrap

I have been very lazy with my cooking lately – mostly because I haven’t done any grocery shopping for two weeks until yesterday, and also because work and life has been hectic, and also we’ve gone to a few family BBQs therefore I didn’t have to cook, and when I did have to cook, I cooked dishes I have already blogged about! I am also currently working on a blog post that is very different to what I usually do. It is a lot more well thought of, and requires RESEARCH! Now that’s new… hehe. Unfortunately I am still not … Continue reading Grilled Lamb in a Hot / Cold Salad and Lunch Wrap

What To Do With Leftover Roast Lamb

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a massive boneless leg of lamb from CostCo and left it in the office freezer. Over the weekend, I decided to take the lamb (now frozen) home and planned to quickly put it back in the freezer at home before it thawed. After all, I could not possibly cook the lamb for just the two of us.. this could easily feed 8 hungry people! But… DOH! I took it out of the car (in an environmental friendly shopping bag) and just left it there on my office chair and forgot to put it … Continue reading What To Do With Leftover Roast Lamb

Moroccan Lamb Tagine and Cruise Photos!

I have to admit it feels good to be home… BUT I didn’t like the cleaning and vacuuming and the washing, as for the cooking.. I don’t mind it as much, hehe. It does feel good to cook up food that makes my kitchen smell good. First night back, I was too lazy to cook anything fancy since we only just got home at 4.00pm and spent the afternoon opening Christmas presents, making a mess, and then I had to tidy up the mess. So I whipped up some fettucine with pasta sauce (not even meat or anything since my … Continue reading Moroccan Lamb Tagine and Cruise Photos!

Braised Lamb Shanks with Mushroom and Carrots

I bought a couple of lamb shanks recently but wasn’t sure if I had red wine in my pantry to cook the “proper” lamb shanks. I did not have red wine, so I basically whipped up a spontaneous mixture of flavors to cook these beautiful lamb shanks in a flavorsome stew with whatever I had in my kitchen. The ingredients were: 4 lamb shanks 5 large cup mushrooms, sliced 2 carrots, chopped 1 red onion, roughly chopped 1 tbsp minced garlic 1/2 cup tomato sauce 4 tbsp dark soy sauce 1 tbsp rosemary 1 tbsp tarragon 1 tsp chilli paste … Continue reading Braised Lamb Shanks with Mushroom and Carrots

Satay Boxing Chicken & "Thanksmas" Dinner Party

“Boxing Chicken” is a common dish served at dinner banquets in Malaysia. It is basically a marinated chicken wing with the meat pushed off the bone and up the end to form a “boxing glove” effect… thus the name. This is my version of the Boxing Chicken. Ingredients: 1kg chicken drumettes, pushed up. Satay sauce Breadcrumbs Peanut oil for deep frying Method: Marinate the chicken in satay sauce, refrigerate overnight. The next day, coat the marinated chicken in breadcrumbs and deep fry in hot peanut oil for a few minutes, just until it is browning. Place the fried chicken on … Continue reading Satay Boxing Chicken & "Thanksmas" Dinner Party

Balinese Lamb Chops with Fettuccine

Recipe inspired by I am personally a huge fan of super easy, simple but absolutely delicious weeknight dinners. So as I was browsing the internet for recipe ideas, I found this recipe which just seemed too easy and too yummy to just ignore. If you like pasta, and you like meat (in this case, lamb) and you like a satay-ish kind of sauce… then I’m pretty confident you will LOVE this one! Ingredients: Olive oil 1 brown onion, finely chopped 2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce 1 tbsp ketcap manis (sweet soy sauce) 270ml light … Continue reading Balinese Lamb Chops with Fettuccine

Lemon, Mint and Pesto Lamb Cutlets

I was inspired to cook up some classic lamb cutlets tonight after being pampered by our friends last weekend with a very similar dish. They’ve basically told me what was in their “crumb” and I improvised a little by adding some lemon and mint in the recipe. I find the freshness of mint combined with the hint of citrus and the wholesomeness of basil pesto and breadcrumb complimented the tender cooked lamb cutlets perfectly! Extremely happy with this recipe, I hope you enjoy it too 🙂 Serves 2 or 3 – Easy Weeknight Dinner Ingredients: 8 – 12 lamb cutlets … Continue reading Lemon, Mint and Pesto Lamb Cutlets

Garlic & Rosemary Slow Cooked Roast Lamb

Serves 4 This is the best way to cook a roast lamb. The result is this tender, melt in your mouth lamb meat and crispy skin which makes you wish there was more skin around the lamb! I happen to use the lamb leg in this recipe, but if you choose to use the lamb shoulder instead, there will be more fat within the meat so it becomes even more tender. Nevertheless, this roast lamb leg is equally as tender – and there is just enough fat in and around it to create a delicious flavor. This recipe was inspired … Continue reading Garlic & Rosemary Slow Cooked Roast Lamb

Mini Lamb Curry Cottage Pies Recipe

Hello again! Didn’t think I would blog again so soon… but I had a random inspiration today! You see, last night I actually cooked triple the portion specified in my previous recipe for the Lamb and Potato Korma… which means, I had PLENTY of leftovers! What do you do with leftover lamb curry? Well, I’ve already made some frozen meals with some leftover rice.. but I didn’t want to just have steamed rice with all my curries… SURELY I could do something else to it! Well… partially due to my latest obsession with PIES and pastries and well, potatoes in … Continue reading Mini Lamb Curry Cottage Pies Recipe