Week 37: Chest Freezer!!

Writing this post makes me very happy, because I’ve finally managed to convince hubby that we need a chest freezer! Well, I need a chest freezer. It just so happened to be perfect timing – with a baby on its way, and my birthday and Christmas all coming together at the same time, I told him what I wanted as a present and that’s a CHEST FREEZER!!
So, even though my birthday is not until the 10th of December and Christmas is more than 3 weeks away – I got my chest freezer nice and early so I can start shopping, stocking up, cooking and freezing meals for those post baby days when I will no longer be bothered to cook or possibly not physically able to do anything else but tend to the newborn demanding ALL of my attention!
We bought this chest freezer off a seller on eBay – it’s a really good 210L Westinghouse Chest Freezer in perfect condition, only costed us $210 (haha $1 per litre?) and we only had to pick it up from Pakenham which is 15 minutes away. Too easy!
Ever since Thursday (when hubby and mate went to pick it up), I’ve been to CostCo on Friday, Tasman Meats on Saturday and cooked 3-4 dishes and now have a freezer FULL of frozen meals, meat, convenience meals, some snacks e.g. dim sims, etc… it’s fantastic!!
To check out the meals I’ve cooked and freezed, please visit my food blog www.kimbaskitchen.com
Hubby went with me to Tasman Meats and Chicken was on special for only $1.99 a kg! See, we couldn’t have possibly bought all that chicken in bulk without a chest freezer. Now we have enough chicken to last us MONTHS!!
So, Week 37 and I am almost there. Baby technically can come out any minute now.. at least we are one step closer to being fully ready. Just need to pack my hospital bags and pick up TENS machine now. Even the baby clothes have been washed!! The house is a bit messy at the moment, but I’ve given up on vacuuming and mopping – I get too sore, so hubby will have to take care of those chores for me for now. Hhmmm.. I can smell my Rice Porridge bubbling away in the pot, best get to it!

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