Week 6: The "Six Weeks Change"

Apparently there is a thing called the “Six Weeks Change” when a baby at 6 weeks would fuss for no reason at all, be unsettled for hours, and just wants to feed every hour so the mum can start producing more milk to meet his growing demands.

You know what, I’ve decided that some days are good, others may be bad, and I just need to deal with it one day at a time!

Yes, I won’t doubt the fact that my little man is changing. But then again, he changes every day! He is growing bigger and bigger, and if he needs extra feeds instead of sticking to the so-called “routine” then he needs extra feeds. If he cries, then there’s something bothering him.. even if it seems like it’s for “no reason at all”. I’ve learned to get through the bad days and look forward to another day hoping it’ll improve. Today is one of those days when he’s behaving like normal again, like my happy little man again.. after going through Immunisation yesterday.

A bit of Baby Panadol helps too – recommended by the nurses of course to help relief babies from post immunisation pains and mild temperatures.

Our “Mum & Bub” 6 Weeks Check Up at the GP went well too. All is good.

I even had time to go to the Medicare Office yesterday after all that, and claim the refund for his circumcision and the GP appointment. We went to a non-bulk billed GP and they charge $104 for a “Long Consultation” – so because it was for both Micah and I, we paid $208 just to see a GP! Medicare only gave us about $150 back so we’re still over $50 out of pocket (compared to the SuperClinic which is FREE!). But I suppose you get what you pay for. We usually have to wait a MINIMUM of 30 minutes sometimes up to 2 hours if it’s really busy. The private GP had a quiet reception, they address you by name and there is NO waiting to see the doctor. Oh well… still not sure if it’s worth the money. Maybe I will just go to the SuperClinic for “little things” and Micah and go and see this private family GP for his major baby things…

Coming up this weekend – we’re off to Seaford on Saturday night for my sister in law’s birthday dinner and on Sunday night we’re going to our friends’ house for CHINESE NEW YEAR dinner! Woohooo.. yes we are sort of “crashing” their family dinner but it’s Chinese New Year on Monday!! If only I have all the time in the world I could’ve cooked and hosted a CNY dinner myself.. but as you know, there is a BABY demanding my full attention! Speaking of CNY we are hoping all 3 of us as a family will make it back to Malaysia to visit my family at Chinese New Year next year.. that would be awesome if we did. Just need to wait for Air Asia to release flight fares for next year!

Oh, and one more thing.. we’re going on a roadtrip in February! We’re off to visit hubby’s family in NSW for a few days early Feb and we’re going with my sister in law’s family which should be fun! I get to spend time with hubby and Micah, AND with our two little godchildren *hugs*

I get so excited about “family holidays” – I’m starting to think that’s what having kids are for, so we could plan fun family holidays together. Yes, couple getaways are good too every once in a while – but as a family unit it’s just a different kind of excitement. Almost like I feel like doing “kids things” so I can feel like a kid again… E.G. someday I would love to take Micah to Disneyland!

Ok going wayyy off topic now. I better stop writing!

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