Heat Rash: The Hot Weather is Not Cool

We were all dressed, packed and ready to go to church this morning when Micah decided to throw a massive tantrum. It almost got quite scary, as his face turns red like a lobster. As a new parent, it is the scariest thing to see your young baby cry like that. Our house also heated up very quickly in the summer heat. We didn’t turn the air conditioning on because we were going to church, but even at 10am it was already creeping up to 28 degrees in the house. That is hot. Outside it is now well and truly 35 degrees and very sunny. 
So we made a parental decision to stay home, turn both air conditioning units on in the lounge room and in the family room to cool down the house quickly. Micah responded by calming down and actually even smiling. I believe we did the right thing by staying home. Micah is a hot baby, and he’s always warm and taking him out today would have irritated him even more.
 My precious little angel.. 🙂
Micah has a few bright red pimply red rash spots on his body so I did a bit of research by reading the “Baby Love” book I got from my sister in law as well as some research online. This Babycenter website seems quite reliable and this article gives a very good summary to explain the Heat Rash.
So far, hubby and I seem to have done the right thing. We give him regular baths and wipe him down with a wet cloth whenever he seems hot and sweaty. We don’t put any clothes on him (other than his nappy of course) when he’s at home and the weather is hot. We should probably give him more time completely nude without his nappy. He feeds a lot more regularly now and I let him feed more regularly to avoid him getting dehydrated because of the weather and the air conditioning.
I love this photo of Micah and his cute little “angry face” heheheee…
Hopefully, his heat rash goes away soon – it seems to be getting a little bit better. As I write this blog post now, he’s very calm and relaxed on his bouncer now that the house has cooled down.
Aahhh… the joys of parenthood 🙂

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