The Decking Project (Part 3)

Our decking is coming along quite nicely!! I’m getting so excited because we are SO close to having a nice little decking area.. in fact, it now looks a lot bigger than I thought it would be! It will be able to fit a BBQ, a large outdoor entertainment setting and then a bit more space!
The drainage is done. The pipes are in. The rocks have been spread on the ground. The posts have been stained. The wood has been laid over the posts!! So the final part is now to lay the actual DECKING wood itself.. the most EXCITING part of all!! Hopefully my next blog update will be the COMPLETION of the decking project.
Got the rocks from Mitre 10 delivered to our house. I forgot to take photos when they first arrived. This is after most of it has been moved.. oops! :p
The rocks laid on the ground. I forgot to take photos of the piping underneath the rocks!!
And this is what our decking looked like as of 5pm today. Looking good!

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