The Decking Project (Part 4)

No, our decking is not finished yet. I guess I was kinda hoping we’d be out shopping for a new BBQ and outdoor furniture tomorrow since it’s the long weekend and all.. but I guess that will have to be another weekend. PROGRESS is always good though! At least most of the hard work is out of the way and we are getting soooooo close to having a functional deck.
How cute is our little rabbit Cookie! She’s been loving having a play under our deck. I think she will spend a lot of time hiding underneath it when it’s finished – we probably won’t see much of her!
On Saturday, hubby and a good mate Vince nailed some of these black rubbery bits on top of the wood. The whole purpose of these black stuff is to stop water from getting trapped between the decking wood and the wood below, as that would make the wood rot quicker. These black things SHOULD encourage water when it rains to pour straight down to the ground below.
And then they spent 4 LONG HOURS getting just the FIRST deck right. I suppose it is a bit of work. They needed to trim the wood to go in the edges of our house perfectly, and they had to make sure that it is perfectly straight. Apparently once you get the FIRST line of deck perfect, the rest will just follow.

And the rest followed today (Sunday). Hubby took 1 and half hours to do the 2nd deck, but then he only took 30 minutes to do the 3rd deck. So I suppose the more and more he does it the more he will get the hang of it and work more efficiently and quickly!
After that, he spent a bit of time just laying the rest of the wood there so we can basically walk around our unscrewed decking, lol. It is SO cool to see it coming together! I know it could be a couple more weekends away, but it is so exciting!!
Can’t wait to have friends over having drinks out on our new deck 🙂
Can’t wait to do everything else too! The playground, the plants all around the fence, a flat backyard with neat grass and watching hubby and Micah kick a soccer ball around our backyard someday. Aaahhhh……

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