Week 14: Baby Massage, Nappy Bag & Immunisation

Today at Mums Group we learnt Baby Massage! Micah was stripped completely and I got him some Baby Oil and he seems to not mind the massage at all! Can’t say he completely loves it.. he wasn’t cooing and smiling all the way or anything, lol. But he sure wasn’t fussing and seemed pretty content while I was massaging him so that’s good I guess!
At Mums Group during the Baby Massage session 🙂
Micah and his friend Cooper at Mums Group
I also bought a nappy bag today. It was crazy how I found “hidden energy” just at the mention of “30% Discount” and “Target” and “Red Nappy Bag”… you see, I’ve been feeling tired and sleepy all day and have been snoozing on and off with Micah right up to lunchtime. But when my dear friend Leah texted me those 3 magic words and I looked it up online, I knew I wanted to get this nappy bag. ONLY $35 from Target after the discount! Soooo happy I finally have my own nappy bag. The bag I’ve been using is an old second hand bag and whilst it was functional and served its purpose well, it wasn’t ME. It needed more pockets so I can be more organised and not have everything thrown into one big space, making things hard to find. It needed to be RED to match Micah’s pram. It needed to be COOL because I am a bag person. Obsessed with bags. So very happy with my purchase today 🙂
Front view
Front compartment opened up with all the little pockets
The main inside compartment for storing nappies, sick rags, face washers, toys, etc. Even has a zip locked plastic area for anything you need to separate. Also inside pockets. And the cooler things is soooo cool. For MY water bottle of course since Micah is breastfeeding and I don’t have to take his bottle around. Maybe for next time if I decide to express!
Back view, the change mat neatly folded up.
The attached change mat is very handy, plus MORE little pockets!
More little pockets on both sides of the bag as well as a little pouch to store the dummy!
And lastly, Micah has Immunisations on Thursday. So not looking forward to having a grumpy baby. The last time he had immunisations he was so grumpy for 24 hours. Thank goodness for Baby Panadol though, this time around I know to give it to him sooner before he gets to that grumpy stage. We’re also going away to Emerald this weekend for our Alpha Weekend Away, that should be interesting. Hopefully grumpy boy will no longer be grumpy during the weekend away otherwise we may need to excuse ourselves from some of the sessions in order not to disrupt others!

3 thoughts on “Week 14: Baby Massage, Nappy Bag & Immunisation

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