Happier Boy + FIRST STEP!

I am so happy the worst is over. Micah’s HFM has improved significantly. His face is completely clear from spots, the spots on his hands and legs are drying out nicely and the spots in his nappy are fading quickly! He is a much happier boy, and even sleeps better during the day. Today he had a 90-minute nap in the morning and 2-hour nap in the afternoon. He has also been very consistent with sleeping from 7pm – 6am everynight. This whole routine is finally happening the way I want it to. Living the dream! Lol.
Micah turns 9 months tomorrow and the most amazing thing happened today. At first, I noticed he let his hands go off the playpen and just stood there hands-free for the longest time. He literally had his hands up in the air and just balanced and stood there for like 20 seconds! He was gaining confidence, I could tell, as he kept smiling at me while he was doing it.
And then, he stood facing me with just one hand holding the playpen. Then, HE LET GO AND TOOK A STEP towards me! I don’t think he even realised what he was doing! He was thinking of coming over for a cuddle and didn’t realise he was taking a step without his hands holding on to the playpen? (He walks from one end of the playpen to the other with one hand holding on all the time, by the way)
It was only one step, then he lost his balance, dropped on his knees and just continued crawling. STILL!!! My baby took his first step hands-free!! He will be walking around in no time!!

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