The Meat and Wine Co, Chadstone

The Meat & Wine Co is a restaurant where the dining is Afro-centric, the steaks come from hand-selected farms around Australia, and the wines are as much a highlight on the menu as the meals. The Meat & Wine Co is a deceptively simple name for a uniquely charming and exquisite restaurant. But few words could accurately convey the combination of premium meats, world-class wines, and a commitment to the latest food trends. 

It was a seemingly normal weeknight for me, but a friend had the day to herself because her husband and kid were away at camp, so we spontaneously decided to venture a bit further than home to get dinner. We ended up in Chadstone, and heard great things about the Meat and Co, so we decided to check it out. We also had another friend join us, because the more the merrier, and the more we can order! Hehe.

We started with entrees of Garlic Bread, Wagyu Tartare and the Tasting Plate. It was just perfect. I am currently on a “calorie counting” diet, so the portions needed to be just right for me. Between the small-ish garlic bread and just a small serve of each protein, I think I did pretty good! Most importantly, I got to taste everything and they were all beautifully made and so delicious.

As for the mains, we shared the Ribs Platter (Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs) and a side of Truffle Mac and Cheese. The meat was cooked perfectly, it was tender and also crusty on the outside. I love my meat well charcoaled, so this ticked all the boxes for me. The restaurant used a delicious sticky sauce for basting, so we didn’t even feel the need to order a side sauce. I only had a little taste of the truffle mac and cheese, because watching carbs lol, but it was well flavoured and rich in flavour. The only thing that would make it slightly better would be more gooey cheese. I like my mac and cheese really creamy and gooey, but then again that’s just a personal preference! It was superb, nonetheless.

On a side note: I had my meal with a glass of Pinot Noir. Of course I had meat with wine… not influenced by the name of the restaurant at all šŸ˜‰

And finally, we moved on to dessert. Once again, just a little taste for me. So glad my friends ordered dessert though, because their Sticky Date Pudding was packed full of “datey” flavour which makes it so warm and comforting. The toffee/brown sugar sauce with it was incredibly rich. The Strawberry Creme Brulee was made perfectly, as any creme brulee should be. It was the perfect finish to our excellent meal.

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