Senchiru Izakaya, Kuching

I did try to warn you that I ate a lot of Japanese food while I was in Malaysia last year.. hehe. This restaurant is definitely one of my favourites. We love the BDC / Saradise area in general because it’s close to my parents’ home so it’s just a short drive away. This quiet little place was a plus for us because while we were dining out, it was right in the middle of Covid and all its restrictions – so the quieter it was, the better. Compared to places like Sushi Mentai (next post, lol) which was located in the same area, Senchiru Izakaya is more expensive and just on the upper end of the dining out price scale.. so it wasn’t as busy.

In saying that, no complaints here because it was still heaps cheaper than in Australia!! Totally got my sashimi fix here multiple times, and tried a few other dishes which were pretty good as well. Loved the salmon head. Salivating as we speak… yum!

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