Sushi Mentai, Kuching

They say good things come in threes? I have purposely scheduled for three Japanese restaurant posts to go live on the same day, because these were the three Japanese places I frequented hehe. Sushi Mentai is by far the most convenient and cheapest one out of all three. It is a sushi train concept restaurant, with plates of food that costs between RM 1.40 – RM 5ish? That’s less than just two dollars Australian… unbelievable! Some other dishes cost a lot more, obviously.

The custom orders include fresh sashimi and we also ordered the salmon head and maybe specialty sushi rolls. Otherwise, it’s great value and good sushi. This place tends to be pretty crowded though, so we tend to visit during off peak hours e.g. middle of the afternoon after the lunch rush or before the dinner rush.

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