Swan Teem Seafood Restaurant, Kuching

I was craving Butter Prawns, as usual, on a regular day, and did not want to venture out too far from home. Thankfully, Swan Teem Seafood Restaurant in BDC was there. It lunch time, and we were pretty much the only customers in the restaurant because who goes and eats at a seafood restaurant during their lunch break in the middle of the week, right? Seafood banquet meals are more of a dinner thing in Malaysia. I didn’t care that my sister and I were the only customers in this big Chinese restaurants. I didn’t care that the two of us at table meant for 10 people. We ordered our meals, and the grand total of all these dishes you are about to see below… was about RM75. Roughly AUD25. Mind blown!! This feast would easy cost us triple that amount in Australia! Oh Malaysia.. I miss you so much. I need to go back just to eat!

P/S: The Butter Prawns were not disappointing. SO GOOD!!!

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