Private Kitchen by 16th St. in Kuching

It was my childhood best friend’s birthday and I wanted to take her out to dinner someplace nice. We both researched our options (and found some places that looked pretty amazing actually.. wish I had more time to dine out while I was there, but I was trying to limit my movements and going out etc for the sake of my sick mother at the time). Anyway, we ended up trying out Private Kitchen by 16th St.

This was our menu that night.

One thing to note about this place is that this private dining room is actually run by the people who own 16th St Cafe directly downstairs. Also, this 7-course Omakase dining menu is only offered once a week, on Friday nights, so you need to book with them directly just to secure your spot.

The night we went, the intimate restaurant was full. If Math doesn’t fail me, I would say my best guess is approx. 30-40 dinners altogether? For RM65 per person, I felt like it was amazing value and great food. This degustation style 7-course menu truly reminds me of our special occasion dinners back in Melbourne. I especially loved the steak, the pumpkin dish and the chicken roulade. It was a great night of catching up with my childhood bestie and celebrating her birthday 🎂

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