Kuching Food Adventures Part 1

OK so people should know by now that I am on holidays, I am currently in my hometown Kuching where I left to live in Melbourne nearly 5 years ago. It feels good to be back.. to see my family and hang out with my sisters again. It also feels good to share all the glorious Kuching FOOD with them… so I thought I would actually start blogging some of my food-related adventures while I’m here. Sorry for the side-track from recipes guys.. but I’m sure you’ll appreciate some food recommendations, etc too just in case you happen to come to this side of the world ay? Let the adventures begin… 🙂
Well, first of all, I had a great “last supper” before I boarded the flight to Kuching. My hubby’s mate Josh cooked us a fabulous dinner. It was a Chicken Stirfry thing and he uses Vietnamese mint leaves, finely chopped to cook with the chicken right at the start, spring onions, snow peas, bean shoots, toasted cashews to toss last and just sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce as the flavor! So simple yet surprisingly so delicious!
When I got to the airport, I picked up a book from the Virgin store called “The Last Chinese Chef” by Nicole Mones. I guess I picked it because I thought it sounded like a book I would enjoy reading.. cos it’s about a love story, and it’s about the love of food, and it’s also about Chinese food. I was right! I did enjoy it! I couldn’t put it down! Literally kept reading until my eyes couldn’t take it anymore on the plane… what a great book. Can’t wait to finish it and read it all over again. Might even start quoting some stuff from the book someday in my food blogs, lol.
So when I finally got to Kuching, despite my lack of sleep on the plane because there had to be 10 different screaming babies, one screaming after the other on the plane on my way to KL from Melbourne.. I still somehow managed to stay awake the rest of the day and actually did stuff. Guess we’ll skip through all the shopping stories and go straight to the exciting food bits eh? Heheheee.. but anyway, to introduce my first adventure of the trip I have to tell the elaborate story though. It was after a simple dinner at home, we just had some roast duck with stirfry green beans and carrots with a minced pork and corn soup… served with rice of course.. and I have actually postponed all my catching up rendezvous with my friends cause I was feeling tired and just wanted to wind down at home, when we (sisters and sister’s bf) decided a MOVIE MARATHON might be the way to go. So what was supposed to be a simple trip to the DVD shop ended up being….
An opportunity to buy cheap cook books, and some I may not even be able to find in Australia…
A trip to the hawker stalls! Hawker stalls! Oh how I have missed hawker stalls…

The smile on my face says it all…

Oyster Pancake aka “O Chien” (!!!)

Oyster pancake, crispy pork, pork and mutton satay, wheatgrass C, special 3-layer Teh C Peng… list goes on! Well until next time then.

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