Kuching Food Adventures Part 3

Well, checking the time it is only 4.45pm and therefore I am blogging too early to include dinner and possibly supper! BUT technically I am cooking for the fam tonight, and I am making spaghetti bolognese with my homemade meatballs… so that’s NOT considered Kuching food and therefore cannot be included in this Kuching Food Adventure blog series anyway… so here’s a bit of an update! Food-wise only, of course. There is a time n place for everything and on this blog, only FOOD may be mentioned! Hahahahaa.
Laksa Sarawak for brunch…
Roast Chicken (served w/ rice) at lunch.
Also with Steamed Chicken.
And Beancurd in Oyster Sauce. Yummy!

So that was a pretty short update, but I might as well “torture” you guys in small doses!

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