Kuching Food Adventures Part 4

Day 4 and I am starting to struggle … what to eat? Where to eat? What to do? Where to go? LOL I know my adventures are not quite over yet… after all, I have yet to go on a seafood banquet, nor steamboat, so the BIG options are still there… the trouble is finding the smaller options.. so off to the hawker stalls I went. Easiest thing to do when you’re clueless! Go to the hawker stalls and you will almost always find something yummy 🙂
Rojak Sarawak at lunch. Shared with my parents.
Sarawak Kolo Mee… also at lunch. With added “kiaw”.
What is this thing called? It’s like a dried sotong thingy… used to go crazy for it during Chinese New Year! Couldn’t resist when I walked past the shops. Picked up 100g just to graze… hehe.
BBQ Pork at dinner time.
Char Kuay Teow also at dinner time. Everything was shared w/ the family.

The ever amazing Satay Kambing & Satay Daging..

My sister’s Tomato Kuay Teow, also at dinner.
Finally, after two hours of shopping, stop by hawker stalls again for some Lok Lok… so kenyang! Hehe.

2 thoughts on “Kuching Food Adventures Part 4

  1. a friend told me that the porky burger at Butcher's Deli (Premier 101, next to Choice Daily) is nice and also the kebab at Hubbaba's Arabic Kitchen (Green Heights Mall Food Court). didn't hv the chance to try it yet, maybe you could and let me know if it's any good! 😛


  2. Hubbaba's at Green Height's Mall is closed and the operators have moved it to a new location on Wayang Street, opposite the Star Cineplex. Its in that row of old double storey shophouse just after st mary's.


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