Kuching Food Adventures Part 5

I just had an awesome weekend at Damai Beach Resort, Kuching. I really can’t remember the last time I was there… especially with my family. I remember as a child, we would regularly go and stay at the resort over the weekend as a family activity thing. Eventually, we all grew up.. and those trips are rare… BUT this weekend we re-lived those times all over again.. and as a result, I have new material to post on my food blog!! More FOOD!

BUT, before we get to the food I had at the seafood restaurant near the beach resort… I gotta rewind and fill the gaps between this post and the previous blog entry…

The very famous “Ayam Penyet”

“Roti Pratha” served with Lamb Curry from Basaga

Mixed Roast Plate from Hong Kong Noodle House

My Aunt’s homemade “Po Piah”… stuffed w/ prawns, chicken n veggies.. yummy!!

And finally… it was time for a feast at Palm Garden Seafood Restaurant. This was the view from our table. There were 7 of us at dinner, and everything we ordered is posted below, except for the Belacan Midin cos umm.. it got devoured too quickly so I forgot to take a decent photo, hehe.

We started with Butter Squid. Absolutely delicious!

Followed by Sizzling Japanese Tofu…

NESTUM PRAWNS!! Couldn’t get enough of these!

Crispy Spring Chicken

Sweet & Sour Deepfried Fish.. freshly picked and killed! Aww…

Dried Chilli Crabs… also freshly picked and killed!

We went to Teo’s Seafood at Kampung Buntal the next day for lunch – Fresh Coconut!

I just think this is unusual so I’m posting this… Fresh Crysanthemum Tea! With the flower and all…

Crispy Noodles… yummyyyylicious!

“Ambal” aka Bamboo Clams? Cooked in curry powder? Delicious anyway!!

Butter Squid again.. just cos it’s my favorite 🙂

“Eng Chai”… some kind of vegetable I really can’t seem to translate, lol.

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