Kuching Food Adventures Part 6

Another round of amazing seafood tonight! Thanks to my cousin for shouting us this dinner. I have been so spoilt ever since I’ve arrived. The amount of food I have been having… the adventures as you can see on this blog… I really hope my hubby still recognizes me when I return to Melbourne, lol.
This time around it was Pending Seafood. An open, outdoor area, similar to hawker stalls but most of the “stalls” or “kitchens” specialize in seafood. The experience is indeed very local. I’ve never been to Pending Seafood before tonight, and was pleasantly surprised to discover this hidden gem!
Gotta start with the greens. With Midin!
This was a bit of a side dish.. dried cuttlefish.
OK let’s see if I get this right… Fresh Clams with Lemongrass, Onions and Dried Chilli
Fried Crayfish
Fish and Yam Broth
Oyster Fritters
Fried Chicken Wings
Fried “Ikan Kilat” aka Shiny Fish, lol.
Escargot! Such a delicacy… may require an acquired taste. I love it!
So with only 2 more nights remaining in Kuching, my food adventures is coming close to an end… but I am determined to finish with a Big Bang!! Tomorrow night, hopefully my plans for BBQ Steamboat will proceed… followed by dinner with the family at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants on my last night in Kuching. Kinda sad that I’ll be leaving soon… but VERY satisfied with everything I’ve done while I’m here! This has been an awesome trip, especially foodwise, lol. But hey, why am I writing all this, it’s NOT the end yet!! Muahahaaa…. two more nights to enjoy glorious Kuching food 🙂

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