Kuching Food Adventures Part 7 – The End

I said I would end with a Big Bang, so be prepared for a BIG final chapter of my Kuching Food Adventures. It has been amazing to be back in my hometown, and yes I have gained weight but I will worry about exercising and diet-ing it off when I get back to Melbourne. How often do I get to come back right? Hhmmm… you probably won’t see me post a recipe for a while even though I’ll be back in my kitchen, unless it’s a low fat healthy recipe :p
So last night, I went out with my friends to Swan Teem BBQ Steamboat & Seafood Restaurant near RH Plaza at BDC area. The concept of this BBQ Steamboat is simple. You pay RM18 per person, and you sit around a table with a “steamboat” where you can have a choice of chicken / tom yum soup.. and a grill. Then, you choose from a buffet of fresh veggies, meat and seafood to cook as you please, as much as you like.
So basically you start off with some fresh veggies for the soup..
Then there’s probably about 4 of these fridge with meat / seafood / other ingredients for you to grill or to steam in the soup.. depending on your preference.
These were the plates of raw food, ready to be cooked!
The art of food sharing is once again the main idea of this activity. You sweat and sometimes you have oil splatting on you while the meat is cooking on the grill, and the hot soup is best enjoyed on a cool rainy night. BBQ Steamboat is indeed an experience you want to try in Kuching!
So anyway… the next day, I woke up and was pleasantly surprised to see on the table.. what I’ve been craving for the entire time I’ve been here….
CHICKEN FEET!!! I think my dad gets it from Ong Tiang Swee.. not sure where exactly. But such an awesome delicacy!! I know it totally grosses out most Westerners, but I must say, a lot of Asian food CAN be gross… but NOT Chicken Feet, you are missing out if you refuse to try it!! Be more adventurous if you can while you’re travelling in Malaysia, because you will find that most of the time, you will be pleasantly surprised by how GOOD these “seemingly gross” things can be!! Don’t miss out, try it before you hate it, lol.
So tonight was my last night in Kuching. So I have called on all my relatives to come to The Venue in BDC for a Chinese banquet dinner. The best thing about food in Kuching is.. especially if you’re from countries with stronger currencies… is how CHEAP it is!! We had a 7-course banquet dinner for 16 people, with drinks, and some beer, and I only paid AUD $150 aka RM 459 for the entire feast!! We were also seated across TWO tables.. so the photos you see below is only HALF of the food served. Oh Kuching, I will miss you so much… food in Australia is such a rip off compared to what I’ve had the past two weeks.
We started off with Sea Cucumber Soup.
Followed by Baby Kailan Vegetables just cooked in Garlic.
And then.. the Yam Basket! Filled with mixed veggies, prawns, mushrooms, topped with cashew nuts. Absolutely delicious. Gotta try and make my own someday.
And then there was the Deep Fried Pork Leg. So crispy!!
Followed by The Venue’s Specialty Dish.. Oyster Pancake!
And of course, some Nestum Flaked Prawns.
And just when we thought we were too full to eat any more food.. the Lemon Chicken!
Quite a feast. I am very full. In fact, I have been very full since two weeks ago. I think this may be my last Kuching Food Adventure… brunch is going to be Mee Sua tomorrow before I board my flight, so I might just edit this entry later. If I’m lucky, I might go on a food adventure while I spend a night in Kuala Lumpur. We will see! I might be too busy shopping! Thank you so much for supporting my food blog. Your readership keeps me going! We foodies love the same thing. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at kimbasworldkitchen@gmail.com and I will try my best to assist you with any Kuching food related questions! I will chat to you guys soon! Hopefully with some new recipes to share! Business as usual next week eh? ๐Ÿ™‚
(Goodbye Kuching!!!)

Edit: Like I said, I had a feeling I would end up editing this entry to include my last meal just before I head off to the airport. For “brunch” the next day, my parents took me to Siang Siang at Tabuan Jaya for some Foochow Mee Sua. It was definitely a great ending to my Kuching Food Adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

One thought on “Kuching Food Adventures Part 7 – The End

  1. ALL looks very delicious Kimberly but as you said, how often are you going to be there! I never saw steamboat in Penang or S'pore but love it and make at home, need to post. Looks like good eating trip, ha, ha.


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