Amazing Entrée: Ricotta & Spinach rolled in Chicken Breast and Prosciutto

Last night, we were invited to dinner at our friends’ lovely new home and I was introduced to an entrée that was introduced to our hosts the weekend before! LOL good recipes do get passed on… as this particular one is so simple and so tasty!

You start with placing the chicken breast flat in glad wrap and then beating it with a rolling pin so you get a nice, flat consistency to the fillet. Then you mix the ricotta and roughly chopped spinach in a bowl, place the prosciutto followed by the chicken breast, followed by the ricotta and spinach filling, and start rolling. You may use a toothpick to secure the roll.

Then you pan fry these for a few minutes just until it turns brown.

Then they go in the oven preheated at approx. 185C for about 30 minutes.

Serve it as an entrée on its own, or part of a main meal with accompaniments e.g. salads and chips, roast potatoes, steamed vegetables, etc.

I absolutely love it! I will definitely make these myself… as I was very involved in the kitchen while our friends were preparing this to make sure I know exactly what to do next time!

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