Yum Cha at Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant, Docklands Melbourne

Located only 10 minutes away from my workplace, it is hard to resist a Yum Cha calling on a Friday afternoon. So here’s just a little bit of food porn for all you foodies out there. Unfortunately I cannot successfully name all these Yum Cha dishes… so if you can offer me some help, that would be great!

Our first dish was a deep fried fritter thing which I believe has some prawns and possibly crabmeat.

Next, another prawn-based dim sum, steamed with very delicious ginger broth.
This was like an “open prawn dimsum” with fish eggs. Amazing texture and the prawn flavors definitely dominated this dish. Best eaten with the chilli sauce.

And when you put all the dishes together, you get this… 🙂

But wait, I am nowhere near done! Gotta have “Chee Cheong Fun” which is basically a steamed sticky rice roll with beef filling, also available with pork and prawn filling. The sauce that goes with it has a sweet flavor and the best thing about this dish is the sticky, firm texture. So delicious!!

Chicken Feet!! Regular readers, you would know how much I love chicken feet… as also mentioned in one of my previous blog entries… it really is not as bad as you think! In fact, it is far from bad.. it is so tasty and soft and the bones just fall off and it is CLEAN! In fact quite possibly the cleanest part of the chicken you can eat because the thick part of the chicken feet have been removed prior to cooking it… so you cook a FRESH, previously unexposed layer of skin on the chicken feet. Amazingly goood… must try!

I am a big fan of seafood, and seafood combined with soft egg tofu is divine!

What a feast! 🙂
Just when we thought we were getting quite full, these beef balls somehow ended on our table. One of my colleague’s favorite dishes so I let him have them all while I happily struggle to finish eating TWO serves of chicken feet, yes… we ended up ordering SECONDS. Hahahahaaa.

And finally, what an amazing finish to our Yum Cha lunch… Mango Pudding!! Soft textured but rich mango pudding served in delicious evaporated milk… what else can I say? CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK!! 🙂

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