Restaurant Review: Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine @ York St, South Melbourne

Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon Taking another break from my usual routine of “slaving away in the kitchen”, I thought I’d post a restaurant review. What a pleasant change. I love cooking, but I also love pampering myself and going out to eat, and be served by someone, and not having to do the dishes after. Usually, lunches are either leftovers from home or a quick takeaway from the cafe around the corner. Today I’ve decided to explore a new Thai restaurant that has just opened about a month ago…

Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine @ York St, South Melbourne
How did I know of this place? Well, I drive past it almost every day and for the past few months I have only seen the “Opening Soon” signage outside this little place that could very well be just big enough to be someone’s house!
I mean, surely you wouldn’t pick this place to be a Thai restaurant? A nice little cafe with good coffee, maybe… but a Thai restaurant? It’s too cute and too small! But someone picked this place and turned it into a Thai restaurant, so as soon as it was officially up and running I’ve always wanted to just give this place a go.
Inside, well not surprisingly there is not much room for tables and chairs. We were lucky we got here just before it got busy, otherwise taking this picture would’ve been quite a challenge with seemingly giant people in the way. Yes, we all seemed pretty giant in this tiny little space. But it’s really nice and cosy, don’t you think?
Once we were orientated and were presented with the menu, I was pleased to see quite a selection of Thai cuisine to choose from. I love Thai food.. and if this place was going to be “it” I needed to see a good variety of dishes so I can try something new every time, as well as stick to my favorites. This menu of course had all my favorites… the Tom Yum Soup, the Pad Thai, and the Massaman Curry. Those were my 3 favorite “always have” dishes. However, today I’ve decided to try new things – and was glad my colleagues ordered different dishes to mine so I can at least show you 3 of the dishes they serve in this restaurant.
Mr. T had the Special of the Day, which was Wok Tossed Chilli and Basil Calamari with Onion, Mushroom, Green Beans, Capsicum and Jasmine Rice. It looks really good… and Mr. T seems quite happy!
Miss J I think had the most generous portion of “Pad Med Mamuang” or Roasted Sweet Chilli Paste, Onion, Vegetables, Cashew Nuts and Coriander with Beef, served with Jasmine Rice. It looks absolutely delicious, and so full of flavor. This is probably the one to go for if you’re hungry and looking for a safe, non-spicy option!

And as for me, I had the Garlic and Pepper (Pad Gratiem Prik Thai) with Beef, Coriander, Spring Onion, and a side of Cucumber, Tomato and Iceberg Lettuce served with Jasmine Rice. I was also very happy with my dish, especially the beef was really nice and tender – and what amazed me most was the flavor. Perhaps just slightly too salty for my liking, but otherwise a very satisfying meal.
Overall, I’d probably give Sweet Lemon 4 out of 5 stars. I would need to come back and try my “favorites” before deciding if it deserves more good praise. And yes, that’s me saying “I will come back” – for sure. Definitely. Without a doubt, I will come back for more delicious Thai. Yuummmmm…. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Sweet Lemon Thai Cuisine @ York St, South Melbourne

  1. I am keeping all these treasures in my travel diary for when I eventually get over to Oz. I have a sister in Rockhampton and when I do visit her I plan to take a long trip all around your beautiful country.


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