Wedding at Montsalvat – Part 2

As a continuation from Wedding at Montsalvat – Part 1 on my Photography Blog which featured the beautiful buildings and surroundings of Montsalvat, I thought I’d share Part 2 here on my Food Blog with photos that are more food related. The wedding was indeed a beautiful wedding surrounded by gorgeous buildings and you know what, people have always said that “buffet styled wedding dinners” always fall short… but I am here to prove everyone wrong!
Yes, the wedding reception was a buffet.. but it was an AMAZING buffet.. and you will soon see why. We had a wonderful feast with top quality roast meals and delicious accompaniments. Well done to the team at Montsalvat for not only looking after the bride and groom so well, but also put up such delicious food for us, the guests!!
Cute little wedding bomboniere… 🙂
As you can see, LEGO is a clear theme… what a gorgeous Lego Wedding Cake!
Aawww… how sweet 🙂
To start the buffet.. some delicious baked fish!
Delicious accompaniments – roast potatoes, roast vegetables…
Lots of salads to choose from…
These were very yummy salads.
The HAM was superbly delicious!
Here’s another look at the buffet table.
And there’s MORE food on the other side of the table!
Roast Chicken.. lots of roast chicken..
And the carving of the fish, roast beef and roast pork… man, that roast pork was so delicious I’m cooking it again tonight! Anyway… let’s move on to desserts!
 Cafe styled, rich cakes served with fruit and cheese platters!!
Sticky Date Pudding
Rich Chocolate / Almond Cake?
Belgian Chocolate Cake?
Mmm… fruit.
Another look at the dessert buffet table… the slices were proper huge slices of cake so I couldn’t taste everything!
So in the end I chose the baked cheesecake (very good choice!) with some fruit. YUM!!

One thought on “Wedding at Montsalvat – Part 2

  1. Adorable wedding food!! Simply loved it. The wedding cake is truly best thing that I seriously loved. Arranging my niece’s wedding at San Francisco wedding venues. Want to have best things for the day. But it is quite difficult to figure out everything. So will hire professional wedding vendors for it.


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