Slow Cooked, Caramelized Beef Spare Ribs

So simple, you won’t believe it!
So what makes the perfect, melt in your mouth, fall of the bone, beef spare ribs?
Rule #1: Simplicity is the key.
Rule #2: Cook with tenderness and love, and give it time.. lots of time.
Rule #3: Always taste before you serve.
With all this in mind, here is an easy recipe for the softest, most tender beef spare ribs you will ever taste – right from your own kitchen. It’s not rocket science. Simple flavors can sometimes be the best flavors, and the longer you cook meat in a pot, the more tender it will be.
1kg beef spare ribs
3 cups of water
5 tbsp dark soy sauce
1/2 cup of tomato sauce
2 tbsp sugar
  • In a large pot, boil the water, beef ribs, and soy sauce for approx. 1 hour. Keep the lid closed at medium heat.
  • Add tomato sauce and sugar into the pot and simmer for another 2 hours at low heat.
Work in progress… this is what the pot looks like after 2 hours. Another hour (or more, it’s up to you) and the meat will eventually start to fall off the bone and sauce thickens to a darker color:

Serve ribs with fried rice / chips and salad.

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