Chinabar Signature Asian Buffet @ Burwood East

Restaurant Review
Last night, I’ve decided to gather some friends together for a “feasting” at Chinabar Signature Asian Buffet @ Burwood East, Melbourne. I’ve never been to this place before, but the photos from their website looked so good – and it seems such good value for money ($49 per person on weeknights) that I simply couldn’t resist! I’ve already set my mind to it that I would have all the oysters, sashimi, crispy pork, roast duck and hainanese chicken as much as I could possibly devour. My favorites!!
When we first arrived, first impression was “WOW this place is HUGE!”.
When we got inside, our second impression was “WOW this place is PACKED!!”
And then it was just food, food and more FOOD everywhere!! It felt like Christmas, our eyes were all shining with excitement. You can eat whatever you want, as much as you like to your very heart’s content (before you start feeling sick because you realise you’ve actually eaten way too much). You pretty much have unlimited access to sushi, sashimi, seafood, Chinese roasts, Peking Duck, stirfries, main meals, dim sum, yum cha, and the desserts were amazing!

Selection of “Mains” collage:

Selection of “Dim Sum” collage:


Sushi Unlimited!

Desserts galore!

Check out the full menu here:
I must also say, I was very impressed with the two things you don’t normally get a buffet:
  1. GREAT SERVICE – surprisingly waiters / waitresses were very friendly, and very accommodating to make sure we have what we need. They also cleared our plates fairly quickly!
  2. AMAZING FOOD QUALITY – seriously, these chefs are no amateur chefs. The dishes served at the main section were traditional Chinese dishes you get at Chinese Banquet Restaurants, not the yucky regular Chinese takeaway places. The seafood selection was fresh, and the roast section were constantly being topped up… and the food was nice and HOT, unlike the usual soggy / cold food you would normally expect from a buffet. And the desserts… oh my, the desserts not only TASTED amazing, but also so well presented in lovely little cups like a wonderful work of art!
Overall, I was very impressed – and I look forward to going back there again, once my stomach settles of course. It will also officially be my new “tourist go-to place” for whenever I have friends / family visiting from Malaysia. I will definitely take everyone I know who’s visiting Melbourne to Chinabar Signature Asian Buffet. Awesome stuff, well done to the restaurant staff and marketing for the superb pictures on the website.
Now, who wants to go have some amazing Asian Buffet in Melbourne? šŸ˜‰

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