Macarons from Café Vue VS Nikos Café VS Lindt

Edited on 28/10/2010 to add macarons from Lindt, Chadstone (see below)

Macarons from Café Vue – the fillings have slightly melted during transit from the cafe to my office, due to the warmer weather… and therefore it got a bit messy when I bite into it. It still had the slight “crunch” but the slight chewiness wasn’t there. I like it a bit chewy.. just a bit. Today’s batch was rather runny.

A previous batch from Café Vue, a much better batch I must say. This macaron I’m holding up in particular had the slight crunch on the outside, the soft mellowness in the middle and the slight chewy texture right in the middle. It was absolutely PERFECT. I don’t think I’ve had another one ever since that ever tasted quite the same…

Same batch as above, just different picture, hehe.

Macarons from Nikos Café @ Portman Street, Oakleigh. First of all, let me just sidetrack you a little bit and add that this place has an AMAZING selection of cakes. Best chill out place for Coffee and Cake I’ve ever seen. Seriously, GAZILLION cakes to choose from, haha. But even with all those choices, I went for macarons whilst hubby and friends went for cakes. I couldn’t help myself! These macarons were smaller, and therefore disappears very quickly. They were very strong flavored (which is a good point, I love strong flavored macarons) and a lot firmer than the ones from Café Vue and therefore less messy when bitten into. Overall, I was very happy. I don’t think I can ever complain when it comes to macarons, lol.

Macarons from Lindt Cafe, Chadstone Shopping Centre. Lindt actually refers to them as “delice” and you can purchase them individually or in gift packs of 6 or a gift pack of 15 macarons. I went ahead and bought the 15 macarons because they were 5 of us and I’ve waited weeks to indulge! The thing I noticed most about these macarons were how HUGE they were compared to the ones I had from Cafe Vue and Nikos. They were massive! Very satisfyingly massive. The 5 of us at Chaddy somehow did not manage to even come close to finishing all 15 macarons. I know, how weird is that. I took 7 macarons home and shared them with hubby… and even then we were struggling! They were exceptionally rich and extremely tasty, but due to their larger sizes we were all macaron-ed out by the end of it, lol. So if you have a huge craving for macarons and always feel like you can never have enough, go for this “not so cheap” pack of 15 macarons and I can almost guarantee you will be right for at least a week before your next craving attack, lol.

One thought on “Macarons from Café Vue VS Nikos Café VS Lindt

  1. You should try the ones from Le Petit Gateau.. small and rich as well.. and they do interesting flavours! If you work in the cbd, it's an easy find.. and we can go together gether 😛


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