Greetings from Sydney!

Hello everyone,

I am writing this blog entry from the Qantas Club Lounge @ Sydney Airport. We have about an hour to our boarding time before we fly back to our home in Melbourne.

Our cruise vacation was indeed incredible. When I get home I will have about 32GB worth of photos and videos to sort before deciding what to do with them. Do I upload photos onto Flickr? Or Facebook? Or do I blog about each day, which will be very difficult with so many photos and videos to share!

Basically our trip consists of a lot of eating, yes the food onboard the Rhapsody of the Seas cruise ship was abundant and we were never hungry and we had all the options of going to a daily buffet or dine in style or room service or snack by the poolside… food was everywhere.

We also did a lot of snorkeling at some of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen. We snorkeled at the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia followed by Mystery Island, Vanuatu and Lifou, Loyalty Islands. Our day trip at Noumea, New Caledonia was a River Kayaking Expedition in the morning followed by exploring the town and some shopping in the afternoon.

We also spent a lot of time in the Broadway Melodies Theatre onboard the cruise ship. We watched every evening show – the production shows were world class, amazing dancers and singers and the stage props were beautiful. I was in awe, lol. Other nights they had guest performers – singers, talented musicians, illusionists and jugglers.. and a very talented acrobatics/ballet/dancers duo called “Art Motion”… they were AMAZING!! Unfortunately photography and videography wasn’t allowed in the theatre so you’ll just have to take my word for it. During the day, we also spent more time in the theatre watching afternoon movies, lol. Movies are what me and hubby love to do if we were at home, so we were glad we could relax and do that.

Other activities include – Bingo, Pool Parties, Trivia, Poker at the Casino, Backstage Tour at the theatre, Christmas Caroling at the Centrum, other pool activities, Love & Marriage Game Show, “The Quest” game, and also dancing at the Viking Crown Lounge where it turns into a pretty happening nightclub after 11pm nightly.

I have so much to share – please stay tuned for photos sometime tomorrow when I get back to Melbourne 🙂

9 thoughts on “Greetings from Sydney!

  1. HAve a safe trip home, Kim! Glad you had a wonderful trip!! Can't wait to see a recap of your adventures on the other side of the world;) (For the record-it's blizzarding in NJ right now;) hahahahahahahahaha…..


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