South Pacific Christmas Cruise 2010 – Rhapsody of the Seas – Vanuatu and New Caledonia (Part 2)

Part 2: Activities onboard the Rhapsody of the Seas

Based on my last entry, you probably already had a good feel of what you can do while onboard a cruise ship – casino, movies, spa treatment, gym, swimming, tanning, rock climbing, etc. However, it also seems the main activity onboard is EATING! Well, while I won’t deny that eating is probably the best thing to do while onboard when the ship is sailing on its way to your destinations, there are many activities organised throughout the day that would keep you occupied eg Trivia, Bingo, Treasure Hunts, workshops and lectures, cocktail demonstrations, dance lessons, competitions, sports tournaments, etc.
We find time passes very quickly on a cruise ship, and we were not even trying to do as many activities as we could! We took it very easy, sleeping in and mostly skipping breakfast and going straight to lunch.
BBQ Lunch Buffet
Besides the standard Dining Room and Windjammer Cafe already filled with an abundance of food, sometimes they bring out a random BBQ lunch or a Tropical Buffet just to give you even more options for food.
Chefs cooking BBQ
And just when you think you’ve had enough of food, a CHEF comes out of his kitchen in the middle of the day to teach us how to cook a Paella…. and then we all got to eat it!
Paella Cooking Demonstration by Executive Sous Chef Vinay
One of the competitions we enjoyed watching was the Men’s Belly Flop competition:
Impressive Belly Flop

The aim is to jump into the water FLAT on your belly. Your bum is not allowed to stick out, haha. The flatter you are, the higher the score… oh, and also the more painful. We saw some pretty red chests coming out of the water after the jump, haha.

Mens Belly Flop Competition
And right after everyone has had a turn.. they ALL do it simultaneously!
There was a big splash!
Roots Vibration
The poolside band “Roots Vibration” continuously entertains throughout the day with their Jamaican sounds.
Pool Party
And then at night, the pool deck transforms into a massive Pool Party! Hubby and I took the opportunity to sit in the spa while we observe the people partying and dancing, it was quite nice and relaxing for us.
Royal Caribbean Singers & Dancers
Also, because we were on a Christmas Cruise, on Christmas Eve the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers sang Christmas carols for us at the Centrum with the big band!
Christmas Carols
The Christmas spirit was everywhere… so colorful and pretty!
Caroling in the Centrum
The Centrum was packed… I think pretty much everyone in the ship was here during the carols, although I’m pretty sure some were at the Windjammer Cafe eating………. haha!
I also really enjoyed the Towel Folding Demonstration where they showed us how to fold the cute little Towel Animals left in our rooms everynight… it is so creative. I took videos of the demonstration, so maybe one of these days I will upload it to YouTube.
One of the highlights of our trip were of course the production shows. It was simply incredible to watch the various acts on stage in the theatre every night. Felt like fancy a date night every night, so special!
In my next blog entry, I will share some food reviews as some people may be sceptical over the quality of the food on such a commercial ship. We all know the ship offered quantity in terms of food, but what about the quality? I will reveal it all in Part 3 of my cruise holiday blog series… stay tuned.
To Be Continued…

9 thoughts on “South Pacific Christmas Cruise 2010 – Rhapsody of the Seas – Vanuatu and New Caledonia (Part 2)

  1. those folded towels look amazing, that was brilliant! is it a clown lying on the ground in the 1st picture? so will you be cooking paella soon after your trip posts?


  2. The things people will do on vacation. That belly flop competition is so funny. I've showed everyone your pictures. We've all laughed. I've never wanted to go on a cruise until now. Can't wait to read more!


  3. Wow! There's soooo many people on the ship!!!I think it must be a cruise ship thing, when we went to Egypt and sailed down the Nile, every night we' have different folded towels on the bed as well!


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