Food Bloggers Meet Up @ Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam, Kensington VIC

(Photo: Three layered “Teh C Peng” just as good as I remembered it to be back in Malaysia!)

Friday, 25th March 2011Rebecca from Chow and Chatter (and hubby & daughter, little J) travelled all the way to Australia for a holiday, so how can we not meet up with her? I have been following her blog for a while now, and she has always been passionate about what she does. Along with Penny aka Jeroxie (and her boy), Suresh from 3 hungry tummies, I-Hua from Chronicles of Ms I-Hua, Thanh Do from I Eat Therefore I Am and Kenneth aka @eMeow33 – we all had a fantastic get together last night at Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam in Kensington.
 (Photo: “Keropok” aka Malaysian Prawn Crackers)
Rebecca wanted to try some Malaysian food, so Penny recommended Chillipadi Mamak as it’s one of her personal favorites plus the location is pretty central for most of us and easy for us to get to. I must admit, this was my first time meeting up with other food bloggers so I was a bit nervous yet very excited to finally be able to put a face to each name.
Not surprisingly, we all instantly hit it off and got along so well as if we weren’t strangers at all! It was actually quite an incredible experience, I felt like I already knew all these people. Of course, we all had one thing in common – our love for food. Food brought us all together! Amen. Hehe.
(Photo: “Char Kuay Teow” aka Malaysian Stirfried Flat Rice Noodles)
Speaking of food, it didn’t take too long before our dishes were served up. I must thank Chillipadi Mamak for accommodating us so well and letting us cause havoc in our little corner (we were very noisy). We left it to the restaurant to decide what dishes we should try, so we pretty much tried a bit of everything! Let me tell you now, if you ever want to have a lot of variety in your meal, go out to dinner with a big group of foodies – it could get a bit out of control, lol. I was too busy talking and taking photos I don’t think I even got to try the Char Kuay Teow! Booo… hehe.
(Photo: Malaysian Chicken Curry and Beef Rendang in the background)
And then more and more dishes came out and I started to actually forget that I was in Australia. That’s a good thing, right? I was surrounded by talkative Asians and I was eating authentic Malaysian food and even the plates were the “mamak” aka kopitiam styled plates.. it was so much fun!!
(Photo: Roti Canai)
The chicken curry paired with the roti is a classic favorite amongst Malaysians in general so I was more than happy to dig in. Loved the roti! It was so delicious and there wasn’t enough so we had to order another one – haha so “tham chiak”. A few other Hokkien words were mentioned throughout the night, my dad would be so proud, hahahaa!
(Photo: Beef Rendang)
I-Hua and I needed to remind Thanh the correct way of pronouncing “Beef Rendang” – please la Thanh okay.. it’s Beef RendAAng not Beef RendEng :p
(Photo: Soft Shell Crab)
The soft shell crab was yummyy.. but I got so frustrated at taking photos for this dish because it was so RED! I think photo editing solved the problem just a little bit. I love the sweet and spicy flavors in this dish and the crunchiness of the crabs – but of course by the time I finally got to it, the crabs got a little bit soggy because I spent way too much time talking and snapping photos. Tsk tsk.
(Photo: Oyster Omelette aka “O Chien”)
The poor O Chien was being passed around because somehow it was a bit too chewy. It needed to be like my favorite O Chien in Kuching! Check out this post here: Kuching Food Adventures Part 1 and scroll down to where the O Chien is right next to my Kuching version of Teh C Peng..
(Photo: Chicken Curry Laksa)
By this stage, I-Hua and I actually had to get up and go to the other side of the table to take photos because Penny has given up on passing us the dishes, lol! Nahh… we were just running out of space down our end of the table because we were hogging them all for our photos. Did I mention our group was noisy?
PS please bear in mind that I’m not really trying to review the food – just wanted to show off our eats for the sake of our overseas blog readers who are curious to know what’s going on!!
(Photo: “Prawn Mee” aka Prawn Noodles cooked with Belacan aka Shrimp Paste)
Woahh this soup had A LOT of belacan flavor! I like… although by this stage, we were actually getting quite full and some were even already starting to get sleepy, hehe.
(Photo: Char Hor Fun)
But we are nowhere near done! The Char Hor Fun came out for the sake of little Jasmine who can’t handle spicy food. I loveeee this dish! Look at it! Doesn’t it make your mouth water?? Gosh, I’m getting hungry just blogging about last night. Why do I do this to myself? Why?!
This blog entry is slowly dragging itself so I am gonna fast forward through the food images OK?
(Photo: “Ayam Percik” it is a Spicy Malaysian Chicken dish)
(Photo: Assam Fish Curry one of my all-time favorites!!)
(Photo: Ais Kacang – a Malaysian ice dessert with red bean, sweet corn, grass jelly, evaporated milk)

(Photo: Cendol – another similar Malaysian ice dessert)

(Photo: Bubur Hitam – a warm black glutinuous rice pudding with coconut milk & ice cream)
(Photo: The damage and the devouring of food in progress…)
(Photo: One for the album – a group photo!)
 If you look closely, I’ve actually had to combine two separate photos together as our “paparazzi” Li from Chillipadi somehow managed to cut off one person in each photo, haha. It’s all good though! What a great shot 🙂
Thank you so much everyone for a wonderful night – let’s do it again sometime!

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24 thoughts on “Food Bloggers Meet Up @ Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam, Kensington VIC

  1. How much fun that must have been. What a treat for everyone with all that fantastic food too. I already follow a few and now I can follow your blog as well. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Cool! We also have our own food blogger meeting here in Montreal. It is always fun to meet new people with the same interest. I remember my first meeting and I was too nervous to talk other people.All the food looks delightful. Hope that Rebecca is having fun in AUS.


  3. Love the food at Chili Padi! Whenever we get to Melb, the kids always want to head there, usually the one in Melb. Central.


  4. It is true that even when bloggers meet for the first time in person, it does not take long to warm up to each other because they are already friends before the meet. Awesome food makes me very hungry. Love the group photo, everybody looks so cheerful!


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