Week 17: Posterior Pelvic Pain

In my first 12 weeks of pregnancy, I went through a horrible phase of feeling like a vegetable most of the time and feeling nauseous (especially at night) and some vomiting on my worst days. As I gradually pass the first trimester, I start feeling less nauseous (although I still feel sick every once in a while especially when I’m carsick or hungry) and things generally feel a lot better.
A new problem I’m starting to have though, is a deep pain very low down my spine pretty much deep within my buttocks. The pain is especially bad whenever I get up from the couch (that’s what you get for being a couch potato!). So I decided to do some research and found this: http://mcr.coreconcepts.com.sg/posterior-pelvic-pain-sacroiliac-joint-pain-in-pregnant-women/
Posterior Pelvic Pain – what a pain. Posterior pelvic pain (PPP) is pain felt at or near the sacroiliac joints of your pelvis as a result of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
Yes, before I got pregnant I wasn’t very active. I didn’t do much exercise and very minimal sports (I played basketball once a week, I walked some days during lunch break at work and that’s about it). And now I feel like I am paying for it. Plus all the hormones my body is currently producing to allow my pelvis to enlarge and prepare for childbirth, and the ever growing uterus, basically everything is stretching at the moment and whatever muscles I do have gets weakened. So now I need to figure out these exercises I should do to help cope with the pain – again the pain comes and goes so it’s not always bad. I need to remember to stand up and stretch every hour or so when at work. I need to lie on my side more and less on my back – preferably the left side most books and websites have suggested, I don’t really know why. And I need support pillows.
Why can’t my husband be my support pillow? 😦

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