Party Mama!

Last Friday night, hubby and I threw a massive party at our house to celebrate his 27th birthday. It wasn’t a significant birthday, but we decided to throw a huge party anyway – after all, we may not have this luxury of big parties after the baby is born!
So we filled up the entire bathtub with beers, and I had hot food coming out every 30 minutes, and our house was packed with people just chatting away, or having a game of pool, or playing SingStar of Guitar Hero, or just chilling outside (literally chillin’ as it was a zero degrees winter night) by the firepit with some marshmallows.
It was a fun night. I was surprised I managed to stay up until 3am! Yes, people who stayed back were singing away on SingStar right up to 3am. Then the boys stayed up until at least 4am and played NERF guns, etc.
If I was younger and not pregnant, I probably would’ve been fine the next day. Unfortunately, even with a decent sleep in and only getting out of bed at 11.30am.. I had to crawl back into bed two hours later and sleep for another 3 hours. Then we had a night out celebrating a friend’s birthday on Saturday night and a baptism and lunch the following Sunday.. and then it was back to bed for me again. My entire weekend was wrecked! LOL, soooo tired.
So Moral of the Story is: I’m getting old, and I’m carrying a little baby who is sucking the life out of me – and therefore I really shouldn’t have gone to bed at 3am. Oh well, IT WAS FUN!
Hubby’s collection of NERF guns.. my birthday present to him. If we have a baby boy he would inherit a cool collection of NERF guns and a cool dad to play them with! 🙂
At least hubby and his two mates who stayed the night did most of the clean up, I didn’t have to do ANY cleaning up other than vacuuming (which I haven’t even done, hehe). So happy! 🙂

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