Photos: 20-21 Weeks (Trip to KL)

Bubba and I survived the trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I was exactly 20 weeks when I left Melbourne, and exactly 21 weeks when I got back. My 8-hour plane flight to Kuala Lumpur was in the ultimate comfort and luxury in Air Asia X Premium Class – Seat 1A! It was a day flight (9.30am MELB to 5.00pm KL) so Premium seats were readily available for me to upgrade to. Unfortunately, I had to stick to Economy on the return flight – it was an overnight flight therefore all Premium seats were booked out in advance. Boo hoo…
Photo of Air Asia X Premium Flat Bed Seats… just taken off Google Images cause I was too embarrassed to take photos of it myself!
So the only “issues” I had to deal with traveling to Malaysia whilst being pregnant were:
  1. Extreme heat and humidity (extreme for me anyway) – walking around the city even for a short distance got me really hot and bothered. I tried to stay away from the heat as much as possible and staying in air-conditioned malls and eating mostly at air-conditioned restaurants but could not avoid completely as it was more convenient to walk the short distance to places rather than to catch a taxi and get stuck in traffic and taking a much longer route by car.
  2. Swollen feet – OH BOY it got swollen!! Why didn’t I take a photo, kicking myself now. It was terrible. Hubby laughed at my gigantic feet when I got home. I didn’t think it was because of the flight. It was probably mostly due to the walking and the heat combined. My feet looked like it got bitten by an insect. It was bad. Thankfully, it only took two days of being back in Melbourne winter for it to get back to normal.

Some wonderful things I got to enjoy whilst I was in KL:

  1. Hotel Swimming Pool – made full use of the hotel swimming pool every single day while I was in KL! It was the best reward at the end of each day, after walking and shopping I usually returned to the hotel really hot and sweaty and to be able to relax and jump into the pool was an amazing feeling! Felt so light in the water and that was good for my feet and could feel baby loved it too 🙂
  2. Food, glorious food! All my Asian food cravings were adequately satisfied during my trip. Do check out my food blog at for all my various eating expeditions!!

And here are just some photos from my trip…

With my girlfriends – drinking mocktails!
Hotel swimming pool – restore and rejuvenate!
Mom and sis in the middle of Bukit Bintang area in KL – happening! (and hot)
One with the family – I don’t like this pic of me, look super preggo and chubby! Ish.
21 Weeks Pregnant

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