23 Weeks – Recent Purchases & Hay Fever during Pregnancy

Oh how time flies. I am 23 weeks pregnant already. Only 14 weeks to go and the baby could come anytime after the 37th week… gee that’s an almost scary thought. The thought of the big L word… that’s right, labour. Mehh, not gonna stress myself out and worry about it now. Will deal with it when the time comes!
Nursery Update:
A few developments this week in terms of baby purchases. We bought a chest of drawers off eBay over the weekend for $71 plus $20 delivery. We also bought a change table with bath and 3 extra drawers for only $41 off eBay – pick up from a lovely couple in Narre Warren just down the road from where we live. That was nice and handy! The change table also fits at the back of our hatchback (with seats down) so we didn’t have to worry about a trailer, etc. We now need to re-upholster the change table though, which is really worn and that’s why we got a good deal. That job’s easy – apparently we can just get a brand new change table top from Baby Bunting or just some nice material from Spotlight, etc. No dramas there.
(Photo by eBay seller – will post final photos of nursery when I’m done!) Chest of Drawers + Change Table $71

 I don’t plan to use the Change Table on this chest of drawers – don’t like the edges!

(Photo by eBay seller – will post final photos of nursery when I’m done!) Change Table (top mat needs to be replaced + Bath + Extra Drawers $41

The idea is this change table (with wheels) will go where the baby goes the first few months. We expect to have baby sleeping in our bedroom in a bassinet the first 3 months – so this movable change table can come to our bedroom with the bassinet with some of his clothes… while the rest can stay in the chest of drawers in the nursery.

Ohh.. and we’ve decided NOT to get the Baby Jogger City Select that was on sale for only $599 reduced from $949… we’ve decided we don’t need a 600 dollar pram and will get something else from eBay for about $200 instead. Which also means we don’t really need to get anything now.

Health Update:
The weather in Melbourne has been significantly warmer this week. The sun has been out and shining brightly the past 4 days in a row. It feels like spring has decided to come early… and with great weather, comes great allergies.
Yes, I have a problem with hay fever. Always have. This time of the year – spring – my nose gets all runny and blocked, on a bad attack day I would sneeze continuously and my eyes would itch and they feel slightly swollen. Annoying, annoying… I have always coped well (before I was pregnant) with antihistamine e.g. Claratyne or Telfast. Now that I’m pregnant – I’m not allowed ANY of these antihistamine. Even today, I went to the pharmacist and they said I could maybe try Polaramine because their “list” says it is safe for pregnant women – but need to consult a doctor anyway. I consulted Google and read about pregnant women who took Polaramine in the 3rd trimester of their pregnancy and their baby gets born with antihistamine in their system and develops a rash. No rash for MY baby if I can prevent it from happening!!
So basically the conclusion is – Polaramine is only safe during 1st and 2nd trimester. Baby is fine unborn, but not fine if born with antihistamine in their system. That is NO good considering it is most likely my hay fever would be at its worst during my 3rd trimester! So that rules it out… I have this unopened bottle of Polaramine now… anyone wants it??
I’ve been recommended to try honey and nasal sprays, etc. I will give honey a go – nothing to lose there – but the thing about nasal spray is that I need to use it every night in order for it to work. I can’t just use it whenever I get a really bad once off hay fever attack. So that’s no good. I don’t want to subject myself to regular use of something I may not need every single day!
SO basically all I can do now is pray that God will protect me from really bad hay fever this spring. I can put up with mild allergies – but last year my hay fever was absolutely shocking. All I can do is just hope that somehow this year my immune system is stronger and that I don’t get allergies as bad as I did last year. If it does get bad… I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it for the sake of my baby boy.

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