Durian Buffet @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

This is review #11 out of a 13-Part Food Blog Post Series from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 4th – 9th August 2011 πŸ™‚

Bearing in mind that this was the same night I had a full dinner at Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh followed by supper at Jalan Imbi Chinese Hawker Stalls – you are probably wondering HOW that one eat so much, and HOW does one eat 3 times in one night aka 5th meal of the day?!!

The decision to drive 30 minutes to SS2 just for durians was of course a spontaneous decision. No way we could’ve planned to stuff our face this irresponsibly, haha. It was while we were having supper at the hawker stalls, and I was surrounded by family members who were just about as good as I am at the art of eating, that we decided “let’s GO!”. So irresponsible, so naughty and yet no regrets! Best decision ever!!

In case you were not familiar with the Durian aka King of all Fruits (in Asia, anyway) – it is an acquired taste. Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain once quoted the Durian’s smell asβ€œIt smelled like you’d buried somebody holding a big wheel of Stilton in his arms, then dug him up a few weeks later.”

And again he went on to say “Your breath will smell as if you’d been french-kissing your dead grandmother.” – Anthony Bourdain.

Aahhh… doesn’t sound appealing at all, does it?! Yes, I do admit the durian has quite a horrendous smell. But, again I must stress it is an ACQUIRED taste and I happen to quite happily enjoy the stinky smell of durians and the taste itself! When presented with a good, in season, ripe and sweet durian – it is “to die for” and I couldn’t get enough while I was at SS2! The durians were top-notch best quality durians I have ever had – and my dad agrees – and my cousins ate as much as I did, and we had a great time.

There are different types and breeds of durians – all which I cannot go in further detail to explain because I am no expect. The durian stall we went to has a website – so go check them out for more info.

Pricing wise – dirt cheap. RM 9 per person (approx. AUD 3) for all-you-can-eat “kampung” durians. We opted for the RM 15 per person (approx. AUD 5) for all-you-can-eat higher quality, tastier, juicier durians. It was so worth it. It was still very cheap. We could eat as many as we want! And we got to choose the better durians which were sweeter and yellower and juicier and just tastier in general!

I am having quite a difficult time trying to describe what a durian tastes like. The thing is, it is so unique you either love it or hate it. So I don’t know if it makes any difference if I describe it or not. You just need to try it for yourself to decide if you like it.

If you are a first timer, definitely ask for the yellower and sweeter kind, they are more first-time friendly. The paler durians have a stronger bitter taste which even I myself don’t fancy that much.

We left SS2 just after midnight. By then, all the durian stalls were winding down for the night. Just an hour ago when we arrived, it was still buzzing and full of people! Aahhh gotta love the late night eating culture in Malaysia.

Oh, and yes… there is a whole STREET of durian stalls. Selling just durians. Smelling like durians – you can smell from a few blocks away. It’s incredible really. I love Malaysia πŸ™‚

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