Week 25: Basketball Uterus

LOL sorry for the weird blog post title… I just recently read from “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” that the uterus is about the size of a basketball at this stage of my pregnancy, so I found that really funny. Lots for me to write about at this stage, as I approach the end of the tunnel of my 2nd trimester and new “problems” have started to affect me and that nervous feeling occasionally pops up and at the same time the excitement of meeting our little baby for the first time as the moment draws closer and closer…
I seem to be “experience first, then read up” when it comes to my pregnancy – so many times I have no idea what’s really happening to me until it bugs me so much I get motivated to pick up the books and read, and look it up on the Internet and start asking people about it. This time around, especially when it comes to #1 and #2 below, I had no idea it was “normal” until I’ve started experiencing them and when I opened the chapter in the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book.. there it was! Right in the correct week, apparently very common. Somewhat feels reassuring to know I’m not “weird” and that the pain is pregnancy related and there is nothing wrong with just me.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I have had to deal with pain around my wrists, and especially the joints around the thumbs for a few weeks now. At first, I thought it maybe because I tend to sleep on my hand – and therefore it gets numb and it hurts when I wake up in the morning. Turns out it is perfectly normal during pregnancy and because I am lazy, this article explains why.

Sleeping Discomforts, Leg Cramps

My level of discomfort during sleep is not at its worst yet. Apparently it gets worse in the 3rd trimester, and I am starting pretty early. That’s mostly because of the hand though, it’s quite annoying to try and toss and turn with my pillows when my hand hurts so much to move around. Plus, the occasional back aches don’t help either. So it just naturally results in sleeping being a much less comfortable experience compared to when I wasn’t pregnant.

Leg cramps have only happened a few times – but when it happened, it was annoying. This article sums it up quite nicely: Leg cramps during pregnancy.

Support Pillow
Over the weekend, hubby and I popped in at Baby Bunting to research prams, fix our eBay change table and for me to look at support pillows to help ease the leg cramps and provide back support.

The “Summer Infant” Ultimate Comfort Body Pillow $99 at Baby Bunting

I ended up choosing this pillow because it looked comfortable, and I can use it now during pregnancy right up to breastfeeding and then pass down to toddler. It looked like a 3 year investment rather than the remaining 3 months of my pregnancy – so I thought that justifies the purchase.

Financials and Budgeting

Hubby and I also sat down during the weekend trying to work out our budget and how we are going to “survive” on a single income. Yes, I know we probably should’ve done this BEFORE we decided to have a baby – but this time it was more definitive based on his current job and not based on his previous job. Basically, having a baby and going down to just one income in the household instead of the luxury we’ve always had on two incomes – means having to make sacrifices and be more mindful when we spend. It is of course do-able (after all, a lot of people have done it!) just different. Also means we will no longer be able to splurge on unnecessary things and go on expensive holidays. Thankfully we do have a “cushion” of savings we can dig into if we really needed it – but for now I believe we are going to be just fine and thank God for His provisions in our lives.

Baby Shower!

I have set the date for our baby shower (12th November) and sent out “Save The Date” invites to people but the venue is yet to be confirmed – depending on how many people we are expecting – and it will definitely NOT be the traditional “girly” Baby Shower instead just a gathering of people over a BBQ to celebrate us being parents-to-be. I just think men should very much be involved in the celebration – after all, they are very much responsible in the creation process anyway!!

If my sister-in-law wants to plan some games for the day, I will not object… hehe *hint hint*

P/S: We are also thinking and researching purchase of a new car that will easily fit baby things e.g. pram, car seats, and STUFF in general for when we drive longer distances or go on a family holiday. Any recommendations as to a family-friendly, affordable, fuel efficient, spacious (for the growing family) and just great value in general? Thanks!

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