Still in Week 25: Too soon for nesting?

And the pain continues… but I don’t want to dwell on the pain on various parts of my body. My wrists / thumbs are not getting any better, the hips and pelvic bones get extremely sore especially after I do house chores and go for a walk (even a short walk around the supermarket – I come home and they get really painful) and my back has been annoying although not as bad as my hips. I just had a warm soak in the bath though, and that seemed to have relaxed everything completely and I am now able to walk around and feel half decent again… hallelujah! I know I should see a physio, etc.. but most of the time when it hurts most I can’t be bothered going.. and when it feels all better without the problem, I can’t be bothered going either. That’s just me.. I procrastinate and I whinge. I find a bit of sympathy is all I need to get through all of this, lol.
Too early to be NESTING?
Apparently most pregnant women start “nesting” aka go on this crazy cleaning spree in preparation of arrival of the baby in the last month of their pregnancy.. so considering I am still months away from that, is it too early for me to be nesting? 
I’ve recently cleaned the study in our house… and it is one of those things around the house that I would never normally touch, simply because it is an impossible task and it is also impossible to keep it tidy and clean for too long.

So why then did I even want to attempt this almost impossible task? Why then did I spend almost 8 hours in total over two separate days to complete this massive clean up? It is hard to explain – it is partially because I want to help hubby be able to work from home, after all who can actually work in that messy study in the “Before” pic. Another part of me just went “OK that’s it – I am going to do this, and this time it’s for real – I will NOT tolerate anymore mess in this room” and that was it.
Do Not Buy Me Newborn Nappies for my Baby Shower
Pampers Swaddlers Nappies for Newborn Babies were half price on Cudo so I bought a pack of 144 – although I probably won’t even get to use all of them because apparently babies might not fit in them for more than the first two weeks. Oh well, they were at a good price and if I have some leftover I’ll just pass it along to the next person expecting a baby.
I’ve told people in my “Save The Date” Facebook Invite for my Baby Shower to look out for updates on my blog so they know what to get / not get us for the baby shower, so DO NOT get us Newborn nappies… but feel free to get the next level aka “Infant” or “Crawler” nappies, thanks!

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