Week 28: Blood Test for Gestational Diabetes

Yesterday, I made my way to Casey Hospital bright and early at 8.30am for my Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) to basically check if I have pregnancy diabetes (or Gestational Diabetes) or not. Leading up to this test, I found the more I try to avoid sugary foods, the more I tend to give in to temptation! Perhaps it’s just me constantly thinking about NOT eating / drinking sugary stuff… it gets in my head, and I craved it more and more. I probably had more Coca Cola the week leading up to the test than I ever had throughout the entire pregnancy!!
But anyway, I started fasting the night before the test – and by 9am when they took my 1st blood sample I was already pretty hungry. Oh well, only 2 more hours to go… after the first sample was taken, I was asked to drink a bottle of this sweet fizzy drink.
There were a few people at the Pathology Waiting Room, and one of the guys there started “warning” me about this nasty drink and watched intently as I took my first sip….
Hey, it wasn’t bad at all! In fact, it tasted like SPRITE. I had no problems drinking it. Some people have told me the drink made them gag. Thank goodness I liked it!
An hour later, at 10am, they took my 2nd blood sample. During this whole time, I wasn’t allowed to walk around (except if I needed to go to the toilet).
And finally, another hour later at 11am, they took my 3rd blood sample. By this time I was getting so bored I couldn’t wait to leave!
And so it was done – I was already getting used to Blood Tests and no longer have this “fear” for needles and blood.
This morning, my midwife sent me a text message and said:
“Hi Kim – Good news your blood results are all good! Your Vitamin D coming up but still low so keep taking your Vit D supplements”
Oh YAYYYY I DON’T have Gestational Diabetes!
It was a bit of a surprise, I fully expected to have GD because 1) I am Asian (and Asians have a higher risk of developing GD and 2) My belly is HUGE and I thought maybe our baby is big because I have GD, turns out he’s just a big baby thanks to hubby’s genes…. and 3) I have been GOOD most of the time, but the week leading up to the test I was an epic failure!! Chocolates and Coca Cola were my main cravings!! My midwife did mention that my 1-Hour result was a bit high – but maybe it was a bit high because I only went to the toilet AFTER they took my 1-Hour blood sample?
Either way, TEST RESULTS ARE OK – so I am HAPPY and it’s all GOOD and praise God!!
Now I just need to continue being mindful of my sugar intake and steer clear from “bad carbs”. It’s actually not that hard, moderation is always the key. It’s quite easy to indulge in small amounts whenever I get a “craving” that way I don’t feel deprived!
As for the Vitamin D, my midwife’s told me to just keep taking the same dose every day but the baby will get a dose of Vitamin D syrup when he is born.
Learn new things everyday… šŸ™‚

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