Week 29: Nursery Update (Getting there!)

Our house has 3 bedrooms and a study. So, we previously had a master bedroom, a study and 2 guest rooms. One of the guest rooms had just a bunk bed and the other guest room has a single bed and bookshelves so we also refer to that room as the “library”.
Now that we need to convert the 2nd guest room / library into a nursery… last weekend we were faced with the question: What do we do with that single bed??? Our baby will not require a bed for at least a few years, and the room is not big enough to fit the single bed AND the bassinet / cot and everything else baby related.
So… this is what we did…
Oh boy, now our guest room is looking like a hostel or backpackers lodge or something, lol. So many beds! This should get interesting when the family comes to visit… they will all either have to cramp in the same room, or we will need to bring the mattress out to the lounge room. Eek! We need more rooms!! Or we need to get rid of the pool table or something to make more room in the living area!! Where is the kid going to play?? Oh but that’s a different story… I don’t even have the kid yet and I’m thinking about where he’s gonna PLAY?? Getting ahead of myself… anyway moving on.

As for the nursery, it is finally starting to look like it is expecting a child. I’ve put some stickers up on the wall, cleared some of the junk (although most of the junk is still hiding in the closet and in boxes at a corner), sorted through the Size 000 clothes and folded them neatly into drawers, got some newborn nappies also in the drawers, and finally replaced the worn out changetable top with a new one from Baby Bunting.

So far so good! I’m pretty happy – I think I’ve covered most of the basics. I get to procrastinate now for another month or so, yes? All the junk in the corner… don’t know what to do with them yet. Will need to wait for Hard Rubbish Collection. Plus the baby will be sleeping in our room at least for the first few months anyway.

Yeah, it’s getting there!

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