Week 33: Maternity Leave!

I have waited for this day since I found out I was pregnant – I am officially on maternity leave! It is actually very difficult to physically maintain a fit state to fully concentrate at work. In the beginning of the pregnancy, I felt nauseous and sick most of the time. In the middle, I had some good days and some really bad days when my back used to cause problems. Now, in my third trimester – I’m just too big to keep up with the highly demanding pace at work. I am slow, big and heavy – and that affects me mentally as well. It gets harder to get up in the mornings and to get ready, and driving for at least an hour everyday just to get to work has started to take its toll on me… in short, I did the best I can those final weeks at work – but I believe I have reached that point where I just cannot deal with work stress anymore, nor the travel, nor can I find the focus to deal with issues on a daily basis. 
Updated Belly Shot – 33 Weeks
Even with Mondays off, I felt like time wasn’t enough. There’s only so much a heavily pregnant woman can do in one day. I felt like I needed to “split” my chores – so I only do a little bit each day – so I don’t get all tired and sore by the end of each day. 
I also felt like I needed to make more time for exercise. So there was no way I could fit everything in the weekend (which is usually busy with social events coming up as we approach Christmas!) and just one day off.

So… YAYY!! I am officially on maternity leave!
We had a truly busy weekend this week (and it’s also the long Melbourne Cup weekend so the parties are not over yet) – we went to a lovely wedding on Saturday and it was a long drive to get there – and yes, I survived most of the day in fact surprised myself by how much energy I actually had. Even got up on the dancefloor a few times! But by 10pm I was wrecked and ready to go home, lol.
Then on Sunday, we drove a long way again to Werribee to celebrate hubby’s parents’ combined 60th Birthday. It was really good to see family and a lot of other people and the sister and brother in laws have all done a great job putting the party together. I didn’t really do much… I guess I had the pregnancy excuse, lol. Of course, throughout the party I had to quietly sneak back into the house to rest my feet and then come back to the party, talked to a few more people, then sneak to a quiet corner somewhere again to sit, lol. It’s silly being this pregnant! Can’t stand up too long, can’t sit down too long! After the party, we stayed up at the house for a little bit to hang out with the family. Then, it was time to head home and drive another long hour (I had a short snooze in the car), then pick up something quick for dinner on our way home, cook a simple meal, have dinner, watch a movie, bed.
I got up at 11am today. Finally a good night’s sleep and I only have to get up to go to the toilet TWICE last night, woohoo!! Twice is good.. most nights I have to get up 3-4 times during the night to go to the toilet – very annoying – but hey, at least that’s better than wetting the bed! Hahahaha… hubby is working from home today, so that’s always nice. I am off to the CITY tonight for karaoke with some friends. I know, I know.. what am I doing with all these activities?? I should be fine by tonight, will take today easy breezy and be fully energised again for tonight. It’ll be good to catch up with these friends before the baby arrives anyway – and it’s so much easier to go out now anyway, so I may not get anymore chances to hang out with my friends when the baby is born.
Tomorrow, we’re off to a Melbourne Cup day at another friend’s place. So, as you can see… this weekend is hectic – but it’s fun – and I don’t have to stress about chores YET because I will have the rest of the week, oh wait the rest of the MONTH to do them all. 
I AM LOVIN’ IT! Happy Maternity Leave TO ME!! 🙂

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