Week 2: Tis The Season To Be Growing…

Here we are, Micah officially turned 2 weeks old yesterday.. and just two days ago would’ve been his official due date! I am so glad he was born two weeks early, because if he was still in my belly TODAY, I don’t know what I’d do! He is such a big boy now, I cannot believe he is only 2 weeks old. He is growing every minute every hour every day, it is all happening so fast before we know it he’d be walking!
This week has been a HUGE week for us, so here’s a bit of summary:
First Week Home Alone
Hubby went back to work on Monday, so that was the first time I’ve been home alone with Micah. The week went by quickly, and I survived. Micah was very well behaved on the first day, he slept most of the day and I had time to do most of the essentials e.g. shower and eat. Didn’t really have time to do much else though. Later in the week as it became warmer and warmer, he got a bit fussier but nothing too extreme that I couldn’t handle. 
And when dad’s home from work, Micah would enjoy lovely cuddles. Babies DO miss their dads when they’re away from them all day!
Not The End of Our Social Life
Newborns are generally easy to take wherever you go, so having Micah at this age means it’s not the end of our social life – as long as he’s had a good feed before we go out, he’s generally settled and just sits quietly in his little capsule / pram wherever we take him! So on Monday night, we went out to dinner with friends and Micah did not cause any trouble whatsoever. Hubby and I got to enjoy a good meal and socialize with friends quite easily!
Micah just sitting quietly in his capsule, wide awake and alert but just looking around exploring the world without any fuss. What a good little man!
Paperwork and Official Business – So Stressful!
Wednesday was probably one of the most stressful days I’ve had since Micah was born. I had to fill out all the Medicare and Paid Parental Leave paperwork the night before, be at the Medicare Office first thing in the morning. Thankfully hubby decided to work from home that day so he stayed home and watched Micah whilst I headed off to the Medicare Office.
I got there at 9am and there were already 20 people in the queue! Thankfully I got it all done within an hour. Then, I stopped by the Council Office to fill out Micah’s Kinder Enrolment. Yes, Kindergarten Enrolment. It is crazy here in Australia. Everything is done way in advance as soon as the child is born to ensure you get your preferred kindergarten / school. There are soooo many babies born each year you have to get in early or you might miss out on your preferred choice of kinder / school! 

The baby keeps gaining, the mum keeps losing! WIN-WIN
Once that was done, I took Micah to our Maternal and Child Health Appointment at 11.15am. It was his 2-Week Check Up and I am pleased to say that I really wasn’t imagining things when I’ve said many times that he has grown and he feels a lot heavier.. because he IS! As of Wednesday, our little man was 4.46kg and 55.2cm in length which meant that he has gained nearly 1kg since his lowest weight (after birth babies lose weight before the milk comes in) which also means he is now 500g heavier than birth weight, and he is almost 2cm taller. What a champ! And what a great thing we have going on with this whole breastfeeding gig. 
On another note, I have lost 14kg of my pregnancy weight, which means I am only 6kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Isn’t that amazing?! All this thanks to the wonders of breastfeeding!
“Oh mum, you’re fattening me up!”
Oh… and “The Procedure”
The days leading up to Thursday, I was a bit anxious and my heart was a bit unsettled at the thought of putting my precious baby boy through a “medically unnecessary” procedure… the CIRCUMCISION. Hubby and I both decided it was what we want, and I have no regrets making that decision for him. I was just a bit nervous leading up to it because I was worried the pain would change him somehow and that my happy boy just won’t be happy after the procedure.
THANKFULLY, the procedure went smoothly and when the doctor came out carrying him he wasn’t even crying! He only started crying a little bit later on and that was easily settled by popping him on my boob for a quick feed. Today (the day after) he seems to be his usual happy self – he had one of his best nights last night, he slept well and did not fuss at all throughout the night, he got up every 3 hours (right on the dot – no alarm was necessary) then he fed for 40 minutes and settled right back into deep sleep. He had some visitors today and fussed a little bit but nothing too extreme. He is still the same old happy boy and recovering well from his procedure. We just need to apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on his “affected area” for the next 10 days or until it heals to make sure it doesn’t stick to his nappy.
Little sleepy man today after a big feed.. everyone on Facebook commented on how BIG he looks!

A bit of tummy time today (and good to post a photo of him with his eyes wide open!)
A photo from earlier this week, he looks sooo much tinier! I don’t know, maybe it was just the clothes?
Have a Wonderful Christmas Everyone!
We are definitely looking forward to spending Micah’s first Christmas this year… again, how good to be able to enjoy Christmas instead of spending Christmas in the hospital if Micah was born closer to his due date?! We’re off to another trip to Coles tonight, after dinner to hopefully beat the Christmas rush to pick up some food we are taking to Christmas Lunch with the family. I love that hubby and I go grocery shopping together now – me pushing Micah on the pram and hubby pushing the shopping trolley. It’s just little “family time” like that together that makes it all so special.

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