Week 3: Where did the week… I mean, YEAR go?!

Oh the weeks go by so quickly!! Today’s also the last day of 2011 so HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Hope this year has been a special one for you, or even if it has been a challenging one – I hope it has taught you valuable lessons in life that you will remember forever. This year has obviously been really special for both hubby and I… I’m just glad I am no longer pregnant! Haha.
I have exactly 30 mins before I have to feed Micah before we head out to dinner with a few friends for New Year’s Eve (just having a quiet night tonight – dinner and a movie at our place).. so I’m going to write this blog entry as quickly as possible so please excuse me if I make any spelling / grammar mistakes!
Walking around the block
I’ve been feeling a lot fitter this week and I have recovered really well from all that sore stuff happening after labour, fit enough to walk longer distances again – so Micah and I had our first walk together on Monday. It was the perfect day for it too, the weather was nice and cool and the sun wasn’t too sunny. We just walked around the block but it felt really good to be out. Micah of course loves being out in the pram. There is something about being rocked, and being walked, and being in the car that really calms babies!
Hubby and I have also been out and about to the shops and to the park with my sister in law and the kids and we had some friends over for lunch yesterday and went for a walk again… so we’ve been really active during the day.
Unfortunately, we’ve also been experiencing the fussy side of the little man this week. He’s been very unsettled at certain hours during the day (and sometimes at night) so we have tried various things to add to our little “bag of tricks”. My sister in law came by earlier this week and dropped off her rocker for us to borrow – that works like magic! We just have Micah sitting in the rocker during the day and pretty much rocked him to sleep, or at least rocked him until he is quiet. She also gave us some dummies but for some reason Micah didn’t like them (we thought maybe it was because they were a bit small) so we went out and got new ones that were a bit bigger and that seems to work better.
Micah and his brand new dummy
A funny pic of him sleeping with his arms up in the rocker šŸ™‚
We’ve also been to Bunnings this week and I got a few storage boxes to finally organise all of his presents and tidy up the nursery. It was a BIG job to put away all the things that were previously sitting in our dining table as well as to tidy up the entire nursery but I finally did it! I finally have our dining room back, and our pool table has now been cleared of all the junk and all the unfolded laundry and the nursery is now tidy as anything and even our guest bedroom is nice and clean. So proud of myself.. worked really hard this week! Only goes to prove that juggling looking after a baby AND doing chores is not an impossible mission. Of course it helped that hubby wasn’t at work this week so he could help look after Micah while I was busy organising things!
Bought a cute little box from Bunnings to store all of his toys
Storage boxes to store all of his clothes!
Even bought a floor lamp to go in the nursery (some shelves are empty to make room for future childrens’ books!)
Finally cleared out all the boxes that used to be in the wardrobe (all unpacked stuff from when we first moved house!)
And put some shelves in the wardrobe to store more baby stuff!
Sooo good to have my dining room back! Having presents lying around everywhere felt great during the holiday season but after a while the mess and clutter really got to me! And I wanted a place where we can sit down and eat if people come over!
Micah lifting his head up during his “tummy time” – what a strong little man!
In other news, the Plastibell ring that was put on Micah during his circumcision has finally dropped off and he is recovering brilliantly! Yayyy the whole week we have been extra careful with caring for him whilst he is recovering from “the procedure” and applying Vaseline during every single nappy change.. and worrying if he is in pain… and now he seems all good and with the ring detached he looks comfortable again! HOORAY one less thing to worry about šŸ™‚
The next few days we are expecting really, really warm weather here in Melbourne. So am really hoping our air conditioning will pass the heat test – especially on Monday when the forecast is 38 degrees! Our house gets really hot very easily, so the AC will need to be on all day and we’ll have to be in the lounge room to stay cool and not go out especially on Monday. Just thankful we DO have air conditioning!
Okay so that felt like a very messy blog entry but oh well.. gotta go! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2 thoughts on “Week 3: Where did the week… I mean, YEAR go?!

  1. Kimberly,Congrats to you and your husband! I took a break from blogging last year and just started up again. Wow, I was surprised to find out you guys had a little guy in the meantime. *grin* He looks absolutely gorgeous BTW. Happy New Year to you and yours. p.s. moved “house” from Blogger to WordPress.


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