Bath Time

Strangely enough, ever since Micah was born he was never really a huge fan of bath time. Very strange! Most babies find bath time a relaxing time and the fact that they were “floating” in their mums’ womb for 9 months meant that being in warm water is soothing and calming to them. Unfortunately, Micah has always cried and screamed during bath time and we’ve always had to bath him very quickly to get it over and done with…
Thankfully in the past week or so that has changed and Micah now truly enjoys his bath time.. so much so that the last time we gave him a bath, he was so relaxed he fell asleep! Even when we took him out of the bath and wrapped him in his towel and dried him, he stayed floppy and sleepy. Usually he hates it and drying him have always been a struggle! Yayy to my little man who now enjoys bath time.. the way it was meant to be!

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