Week 5: Cooler Weather = Cuddles and Sleep!

Even though we are in the middle of summer, here in Melbourne the weather can be quite unpredictable. If you were to land in Melbourne sometime this week from somewhere overseas, you would never think it’s actually the middle of summer! We have had 4 straight days of temperatures BELOW 20 degrees, and this was after we’ve just had 3 straight days of temperatures ABOVE 33 degrees. Crazy, huh?
Well, I can’t complain about the weather because the cooler weather seems to make my little Micah a lot more cuddly and a lot more sleepy. He sleeps so much more during the day the past few days, fusses a lot less, and sleeps so well at night. 
No wonder I’ve already blogged so much this week alone, because Micah goes to sleep more during the day, giving me lots of free time! 
It only takes me 30 minutes to feed him and change him in the middle of the night and put him right back to sleep again. It’s like he never really woken up! It’s almost like he is “sleep feeding”.. his eyes remained closed, and he wiggles and cries a little but as soon as I finish wrapping him up, he’s gone. To dreamland. Somewhere far far away in deep sleep. What’s funny though is that even though he seems like he’s in such deep sleep nothing would wake him up, hunger or thirst always does! Babies are so funny how they work like that… 
Also, I used to complain about how Micah only treats me as a “milk machine” and doesn’t really let me hold him and cuddle and snuggle him without trying to latch on to any part of my skin like a vampire, searching for food… well not anymore! As long as he is fully content, I can now happily hold him and snuggle with him without him “protesting”… until he eventually falls asleep in my arms (like the photo above). Aaahhhh… such precious moments 🙂

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