Family Day Sunday

We all had a pretty big day yesterday as a family (especially for Micah and I since we normally spend all day relaxing at home!) and I’m feeling quite exhausted today! It was a great, fun day though. It was a taste of what would be our typical Sunday as a family, and spending time with friends.
It started with church in the morning – because I only fed Micah at 8.00am he was actually due for his next feed at 11.00am which meant I had to feed him at church. It was fine though, the church foyer where parents with young kids sat was quite private and away from the rest of the congregation so I could peacefully feed him and cover myself with a thin wrap cloth. By the time church was over, Micah was fast asleep so people just stood around him and admired him. 
We didn’t get to leave church until about 12.30pm – Enoch and I were busy talking to people! So we quickly rushed home, I quickly changed Micah’s nappy and packed up the pram, etc whilst Enoch went to hang the washing we put in the washing machine earlier in the morning before we left for church. We desperately needed to do that load of washing!! If we go more than one week of not washing Micah’s sick rags and face washers and towel and favorite clothes, etc… we would struggle to find a clean one when we need them!
On our way to the trout farm, we stopped at McDonald’s to get a large fries to share and a Chocolate Frappe for me (yum!) and a Strawberry Thickshake for hubby. We knew we would end up having a late lunch anyway, because we have to go CATCH lunch first!
We arrived at the Rainbow Trout Farm in Macclesfield just after 1pm. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday! Not too hot, not too cold, nice and sunny. It was the perfect day to be outdoors and the trout farm was already filled with a lot of people especially young families. We were there to meet up with some friends from church so it was a really fun afternoon!
We started off by fishing in the “big pond” where it actually takes patience and time to fish and catch something. Fortunately, hubby cast his first line and straightaway caught a big trout! After that though, the boys probably fished in the big pond for another hour, maybe even close to two hours. So I got myself settled under a tree sitting on a camping chair, and discreetly breastfed Micah whilst enjoying the lovely weather and peaceful outdoor surroundings.
At the “large salmon pond” this photo was taken just as hubby caught a huge one!
Then we moved to the farmed “little ponds” area where you basically catch a fish within a few minutes of casting your line! The trout farm consists of various “little ponds” with various sizes of trout or salmon. This way you know exactly (roughly) how big the fish you catch was going to be, because you are not allowed to throw them back in the pond – you catch, you BUY! And at $17 per kg for trout, and $24 per kg for salmon… you don’t want to catch a huge fish if you’re not prepared to pay for it.

We were more than prepared to pay to catch MASSIVE fish though, so we went straight to the ponds with large fish. Hubby ended up catching about 3 large salmons and the trout he caught from the large pond earlier. We spent hundreds of dollars on those fishes yesterday! But it was so worth it, nothing beats eating fresh fish – and we have kept some in our chest freezer for later, after all how often do we get to go to the trout farm and have fun catching those fish as well as eating them fresh?! Plus, the size of the salmon we caught means that we could easily feed about 8 people so we can save it for a dinner party sometime in the near future 🙂
“Little ponds” at the Rainbow Trout Farm

Playground and BBQ Area at the Rainbow Trout Farm
The Australian Rainbow Trout Farm has really done quite well to provide this place as an option for families to have a great day out. This was our second time here, and each time has always been quite enjoyable. Hubby definitely loves fishing, and I definitely love eating fish. So we can truly see ourselves coming here a lot more often as Micah grows up as a family.
We ended up cooking the fish we caught at about 4pm – pretty late lunch! It was soooo yummy though, freshly cooked freshly caught fish. 
Unfortunately this was also when we found out that Micah has done a massive, explosive poo that filled up his nappy completely and even leaked onto his back and on his stomach! It was HUGE… I’ve never seen so much poo come out of him, ever. That was the biggest nappy I’ve ever had to clean, ever. Thankfully we did come prepared so changing him on one of the tables (and our nappy bag extends itself so we can have a change mat) and after using tons and tons of wipes we cleaned him up and he was all fresh again and re-settled. So basically, other than that little hiccup, Micah was perfectly behaved the whole afternoon and enjoyed being outdoors and being walked in his pram and had restful naps!
We left the trout farm at about 5.30pm, got home around 6pm. I fed Micah again whilst hubby brought the washing in. At 6.30pm, I left Micah at home with hubby and drove all the way to Bittern to pick up a dryer I bought off eBay for $30.
Bought a clothes dryer off eBay.. not bad for $30 eh! Would come in really handy for washing Micah’s baby stuff in the middle of winter or when we have rainy, cold days like we did last week.
I got home from Bittern at about 8pm (yes, long drive back and forth!) and then we packed up the little man again and headed off to our friends’ place for dinner. Whilst our host were cooking, I sat in the lounge feeding Micah (again!) and he very quickly after that fell asleep peacefully on their couch so we could enjoy a lovely dinner cooked by our friends.
Micah sleeping peacefully at our friends’ couch while we enjoyed their company and a yummy dinner!
We finally got home around 11.30pm, one more feed for the little man and then sweet dreams for all of us at midnight. Wow, what a big day. No wonders I am feeling so tired today… just had real coffee though (not decaf) so feeling OK for now. As I typed this blog post, Micah went from being happily content on his play mat, to his rocker, and my foot was rocking the rocker and he’s now fast asleep…
Oops… this blog post ended up a lot longer than I thought it would be!

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