Week 7: Thoughts on Being a Stay Home Mum

Another week has gone by and Micah will officially be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Sometimes I look at him and still can’t believe he is my little baby, and that he actually grew inside of me for 9 months. I stare at him most when he is asleep. He looks so peaceful and content, I just want to pick him up and hold him! But when I’m holding him, sometimes he wiggles and squirms so much, plus he’s quite heavy, that I just want to put him down or pass him on to someone else, lol.
Today I’d like to share my thoughts on what it’s like (for me) to be a stay home mum. No fancy photos, just my thoughts. To be perfectly honest, I am quite content at the moment! Micah is quite an easy baby. He feeds, then plays quietly and looks around with his big brown eyes, and then sometimes I put him in his little bouncer and bounce him to sleep – other times I wrap him up and put him in his cot and by now he already knows that cot means sleep – so he looks around for a while, has a few big yawns, and as soon as I give him his dummy he falls into deep sleep. 
His nappies are a lot easier to change now too. This piece of information may sound strange, but hear me out! When he was a younger newborn, he poos everyday and I used to dread changing his nappy. Now, he only poos twice a week so his nappy changes are just easy wet ones. Hehe. Just nice to not have to change a pooey nappy every time! Makes a HUGE difference to how much I enjoy looking after him.
We go out every now and then if I get bored – I take him grocery shopping with me, we have an appointment with the nurse every two weeks until after 8 weeks, sometimes I run errands and just take him along, we go out to socialize with friends and Micah’s very easy in the pram or we take the playmat and bouncer and just set up a little corner for him to relax, and when the weather is fine I take him out for a nice walk in his pram.
The best thing right now about being a stay home mum is that at this current stage, he sleeps more than he plays and I don’t have to chase him around yet because he can’t crawl or walk or run.. so it’s great that during the day I can still get on top of my chores and sit down and have a cuppa, have a decent lunch while I relax and watch my TV shows and leisurely write my blog posts.
I am sure as Micah grows up it will be a completely different routine. We will have play groups and mothers group to go to, he will be a lot more active and sleep less so I will have to be more “active” too. We will have more sit down meals as a family as he starts eating solids. When he starts talking, I will have to talk back! We will pray together and read books together, etc… 
So really looking after a kid IS a full time job. Right now though, I am quite happy to say it’s quite a relaxing full time job – unless he has a fussy day of course – and minus the sleep due to the late night feeds of course.

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