Week 8: Growth Update, Smiles & Bowel Motions

The weather was absolutely beautiful this morning – sunny and 20 degrees, so I put Micah in his pram and walked to the Gwendoline Childrens’ Centre for his 8 Weeks Check Up. The centre is conveniently located 10 minutes walk from home so it would be good if he ended up going there for kindergarten as well. We had a great check up today – apparently his growth rate is OFF THE CHARTS and beyond the 97th percentile! He’s a big boy, lol. To summarize his growth progress:

0 Weeks 2 Weeks 4 Weeks 8 Weeks
Weight (kg) 3.97 4.46 5.52 7.04
Height (cm) 53.5 55.2 57.4 61.0

Micah started actively giving eye contact and smiling at about 6 weeks – but whenever I point the camera at him, he gives me this weird frown or even raises his eyebrows! Isn’t he a funny boy, lol. FINALLY, this week I got him to smile while playing on his mat – and when I went and grabbed my camera he is STILL smiling so yay a decent photo at last.

Earlier this week, Micah finally did a poo (a massive one I must add!) after 11 DAYS of not pooing. Then, the next day he did one again! Hubby and I were starting to get worried leading up to the day when he finally went, but apparently it is perfectly normal for a breastfed baby to only do a poo once every so often. “Every so often” can be up to one or two weeks (!) according to Baby Love by Robin Barker. Apparently breastmilk is very easily digestible so there is hardly ever waste. Also, we cannot compare a breastfed baby’s bowel motions to an adult’s. As long as his poo doesn’t come out dry and hard, he is not constipated. How awesome is that! I really dreaded changing his nappies when he was a younger newborn (0 – 6 weeks) because of the regular, few times per day poo. Especially in his first few weeks every nappy change had poo! Now if I only have to change a pooey nappy on average maybe only once or twice a week, I cannot complain!

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