The Decking Project (Part 1)

We’ve been wanting to renovate our backyard ever since we moved into our house back in 2008. I suppose now that we have a kid who will soon want to be able to run around and play outside, hubby has finally been motivated to get started. He did get started in the past with the drainage and piping work, etc.. and started digging, but I suppose those preparation work aren’t tangible results and therefore it’s like nothing was really done. Also, there wasn’t much pressure or motivation to finish the job.
This week, my Parental Leave payment finally came through so we have some extra money to use on hiring equipment and buying supplies. Hubby and a couple of mates have been working hard this weekend, and I am SO proud of him.
I’m just so glad the project has finally REALLY started and has progressed well this weekend alone. My dream is that in the next few weeks (or months) we will have a functioning decking area for entertainment, and eventually have a play area set up with some play equipment for Micah, and maybe convert our floor to ceiling windows in the lounge room into a sliding door so we can have an alternate access to the outdoor area and garage.
Here are some Work in Progress photos from yesterday and today:
“Before” pic – where we plan to set up a decking area near the back door
“Before” pic – our backyard needs to be leveled out and have some new and nice grass. We also have weeds growing in between the grass at the moment.
Delivery of supplies – all purchased from Bunnings Warehouse
Commencement of the digging process
Holes for the posts
Progress so far..

To Be Continued!

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