Week 10: Mums & Bubs Catch Up

Micah and I just got back from Casey Hospital where we had a Mums and Bubs Catch Up with the amazing midwives who birthed our children. It was great to see everyone again, especially their babies! When one of the midwives said we were going to take this very special photo of the babies, I was so wishing I had my “proper” DSLR camera with me. I didn’t, so this very beautiful photo below was taken with my phone. Oh well, phone photo is better than no photo!
Isn’t this the most precious photo?! All the other proud mums went crazy with their phone cameras too, lol.
 I also received a wonderful letter from the Australian government today – advising me that my Paid Parental Leave has been granted for Micah. I have just received my first payment last week which was a big one because it was calculated from the day he was born (so it’s 9 weeks worth of payment) and then I will keep receiving fortnightly payments until 13th April 2012. That’s 18 weeks of free money without having to work! The total of the payments I will receive by the end of 18 weeks is just over $9,000… woohoo!!!
So I suppose in some ways, Micah is paying for our Decking Project hehe.

Edit Wednesday 15/2/2012: We booked our flights to Malaysia today! Air Asia is currently having a BIG Sale so I logged on nice and early this morning (7am Melbourne which meant most Malaysians were still fast asleep at 4am so the website is less congested) and booked flights for hubby, bubby and me. We are booked to fly to Kuala Lumpur on the 15th January 2013 and return on the 28th of January. We haven’t booked connecting flights to Kuching yet as those flights are always cheap anyway so no rush! There is a possibility Micah and I might extend our stay by another couple of weeks so we can be around for Chinese New Year 2013. We shall see. It will mostly depend on the cost difference as CNY flights are ALWAYS the most expensive… also it depends on whether I can tolerate the heat in Malaysia for one whole month!! Micah may not like it too! We may be house bound in the air conditioning the whole time we’re there, lol.

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