Week 11: A Very Eventful Week!

This week has probably been one of the busier weeks I’ve had since Micah was born – by choice of course. I could’ve easily not have scheduled too many things to do and places to go all cramped in one week, but it wasn’t that bad really.
We had Monday to just chill at home.
Tuesday afternoon we went to our first New Mums Group session at Gwendoline MCH. It was lots of fun meeting other new mums and listening to each others’ stories and watching the babies sort of play together. This is a 6-Week Mums Group term so really looking forward to the next 5 Tuesday afternoons as we explore a new topic each week e.g. Sleep Routine, Baby Massage, Starting Solids, Teething, etc.
Tuesday Night we went to the Pancake Tuesday at our church followed by our regular Alpha course. Hubby and I are both doing the Alpha course this year with our Growth Group as well as a few other friends. It’s been great so far! The only thing is by the time we get home, Micah is soooo tired so when we put him to bed at 10pm he doesn’t wake up until 4am for a feed. In a way, that’s great! But it does take a bit of effort to make sure he doesn’t get too grumpy while we’re at Alpha.
Wednesday morning I had a Mobile Hairdresser come over to cut my hair! My friend Cat and her kids Ellie and Caleb came over too – so she can watch the kids while I get my hair cut, and I can watch the kids when it’s her turn. It worked out really well! Micah seemed to enjoy his playdate with Caleb šŸ™‚
After we had our haircuts, we went to Golden Orient for a much deserved Yum Cha lunch. It’s my first time back at Yum Cha ever since Micah was born! It was soooo good and relaxing (Micah slept the whole time at lunch!) and good to really catch up and have a chat to Cat too.
After lunch, Micah and I went home for a quick feed and change. Micah was still asleep by the time I took him out of the capsule.. so I took this photo while he was sleeping on my chest…
Then, off we went again to Coles for our weekly grocery shop! By the time we got home and I finished unloading and packing away all the groceries – I was absolutely exhausted! It was quite a hot day too and the heat really got to me. Felt pretty good to just be able to relax after that. Thankful Micah slept OK that night too.
Thursday morning I went to my friend Leah’s place to help plan some of her Baby Shower stuff. Got there at around 11am and then we went and had lunch at Chadstone with some of my workmates and ex-workmates. Lunch was awesome! My favorite summer lunch – sushi & sashimi – and because we ate at “Nudle” I also ordered Salted Pepper Chicken Ribs as a snack. Yummy! Great to catch up with people from work too. It has been a while since I’ve had a social lunch! Micah was OK in the pram.. he starting fussing when Leah and I went shopping after lunch, so I had to go and feed him. Thankfully Chadstone had great Parents Room facilities fully equipped with a Change Area, as well as little “suites” where you can go in there, sit on a comfy armchair and breastfeed in the comfort and privacy of one of these suites with the curtain drawn! The Parents Room even had a microwave for people who are feeding their kids with formula. Amazing! I’ve never really noticed the amount of prams roaming around Chadstone but now that I’m a mum myself, I start noticing more and more things that are children related.. and Chadstone has mums shopping with their bubs in prams EVERYWHERE!!
Micah sleeping in his pram while Leah and I were happily shopping šŸ™‚
Leah and I did some great shopping. I got the toys I wanted to buy for my niece’s 1st birthday.. but I couldn’t find the AFX slot cars I wanted to get for my nephew’s belated birthday. We also shopped for clothes and went home with bags full of Kmart clothes, hehe.
Friday! Phew I am tired just writing all this, lol. We went and had lunch at my sister in law’s – and then got home, fed and changed Micah again, put him down and while he’s having a snooze I cooked a Tuna Pasta Bake and made a Rocket, Feta, Cherry Tomato & Beetroot salad for my friend Natalie who has just had a baby girl. We drove approx. 25 minutes to Garfield to visit her and stayed for about an hour. Her baby girl is sooooo cute and sooooo tiny! So so little. I cannot remember Micah being that little ever. Although technically he WAS that little the first week! Aaawwww… I kinda miss having Micah that little, but also glad that he is at this age, and also looking forward to when he is older and more interactive and can do more things. Kids grow up too quickly!!
So by the time I got home it was already 6pm. Cooked dinner, gave Micah a bath (I just take him into the shower with me these days, it’s nice and easy!), fed him, and put him to bed. Micah was sooooo tired it took almost no effort to put him to sleep! Then I quickly did the dishes and folded the laundry and here I am now 9.15pm writing this blog post.
Tomorrow we’re going to our niece’s 1st birthday party so another eventful day for us.
Aaaahhhhhh…. SO TIRED!! I think I will go to bed once I’m done with this blog post.

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